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Lust Liquor launches locally brewed alcoholic seltzer

July 14, 2020
By Alana House

Lust Liquor has added Lime & Soda Seltzer – with just 88 calories and zero sugar – to its alcoholic RTD range.

Best mates from Sydney’s Northern Beaches Marc Lindberg and Nick Rowell created Lust Liquor, in 2018. Unable to find an alcoholic drink that was low calorie, the 20-year-old uni students decided to drop out and make their own.

Nine months later, the pair (below) had a range of vodka-based RTDs that are low in sugar, carbs and calories on the market.

Lust LIquor

“Lust creates beverages for anyone looking for a cool and crafty low-calorie alcoholic drink option,” said Lindberg.

“We created Lust because we couldn’t find an alcoholic beverage that wasn’t packed full of sugars, carbs and calories. We wanted to create cleaner beverages that still taste great to cater for people looking for that ‘better for you’ option.”

After finding success with their Lemon Lime & Bitters and Raspberry flavoured vodka-based RTDs, they turned their attention to seltzer.

“Our alcoholic Lime & Soda seltzer has been carefully crafted through the fermentation of malt and sugar,” Rowell said. “Thanks to a naturally refreshing lime flavour, this beverage has a zesty citrus pop. It’s an easy-drinking crowd-pleaser that both men and women can confidently hold in their hand.

“It was a no-brainer choosing a seltzer to be the next product to expand our business. It allows us to position our brand in the craft brewing industry while still providing a healthier alternative to calorie-heavy RTDs.

“As COVID-19 restrictions ease, we hope to see Lust Lime & Soda Seltzer being enjoyed with friends at parties, festivals and, of course, Aussie barbecues across the country as the go-to drink for guilt-free socialising,”

Lust’s Seltzer will be on-shelf from mid-July in selected independent bottle shops across Australia as well as selected Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores throughout Queensland and NSW.

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