London Spirits silver medal winner is one for gin purists

April 23, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

The Company You Keep (TCYK) made locally at a micro-distillery in Marrickville just picked a silver at the London Spirits Competition

The makers say it is  “a purists’ gin and a conversation in itself”.

With double the average amount of juniper, approx. 20g per litre (average is about 12g) – in your face juniper, TCYK believe it is as it should be. The botanicals are kept simple to ensure that the focus remains on the juniper (with a slight citrus finish). Perfect straight up, as a martini, or a TCYK fav – with sparkling water and squeeze of lime (because you should taste the gin, not the mixer).

TCYK was created to be tasted and shared, like a great conversation. We believe that we all deserve to take some time for ourselves – to make more moments, memories and mischief – TCYK is a reminder to do just that.

Locally made (in partnership with the Mobius team in Marrickville) with vegan, all-natural, ingredients. The first batch sold out to Gin Lane but the second batch has just become available.

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