Local brew wins at World Beer Awards

October 6, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

The newest member of the award-winning Tinnies range, Tinnies Ultra Low Alcohol Hoppy Ale, has just been awarded with Country Winner for low alcohol Pale Ale at the World Beer Awards in the UK.

Head brewer at Brick Lane Brewing, who brew the Tinnies range exclusively for Coles Liquor, Jon Seltin said, “Tinnies Ultra Low Alc was a really fun and technically challenging collaboration…

“Rather than using a dealcoholisation process, we used special brewing techniques to create less alcohol in the first place – the result is a natural product full of flavour, low in calories, and very refreshing for when you’re craving a beer without the alcohol.”

Tinnies Ultra Low Alc packs plenty of hoppy punch while boasting the super low alcohol content of just 0.5%. At only $12 for a 6 pack, it has a flavour profile that features a big, malty backbone, it offers a generous and balanced bitterness that makes it feel and taste like drinking a regular strength beer.

Coles Liquor Chief Executive Darren Blackhurst said, “it’s exciting to see the new Tinnies UltraLow Alcohol Hoppy Ale recognised at an international level only months after launch. It’s a wonderful example of how Coles Liquor is working with local Australian brewers and suppliers to develop quality products that taste great to all Australians.

“This win backs up last year’s results where Tinnies Pale won the World Champion trophy at the World Beer awards, and really validates the great collaboration with Coles, and Brick Lane’s attention and dedication to quality.”

Tinnies Ultra-Low Alc Hoppy Ale was just one of over 2,200 different beers from 50 countries in this year’s competition judged by an international expert panel.

Coles Liquor’s strategy of sourcing local and helping support local suppliers has seen them add 47 local beer lines on their shelves. Coles Liquor have on offer over 50 low alcohol and no alcohol beers, including gluten free, low carb, organic and zero or light alcohol beer.

Tinnies Ultra Low Alc Hoppy Ale is available exclusively at Liquorland, First Choice LiquorMarket and Vintage Cellars.

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