LMG moves into loyalty & digital space

August 2, 2022
By Melissa Parker

Liquor Marketing Group Limited (LMG) has acquired Zen Global Pty Ltd (Zen), an Adelaide-based company specialising in data connectivity, loyalty, digital marketing, gift card solutions and in-store digital advertising for the retail liquor and hospitality industries.

The acquisition follows extensive engagement between LMG and Zen on the opportunity of incorporating Zen’s loyalty and digital marketing platforms to complement LMG’s existing digital marketing framework. Several LMG members have already integrated the Zen platform into their retail and hotel operations for loyalty and digital marketing.

LMG CEO, Gavin Saunders, said: “Zen provides LMG and our members a great platform to further enhance our digital marketing and data connectivity. Many LMG members are current customers of Zen; however, this transaction allows LMG to provide solutions that apply across the entire network and enhance our brands and customer offers.

“There are immediate benefits to LMG members, including real-time stock on hand and order processing for LMG’s eCommerce platform, along with medium and long-term benefits like integrated gift card solutions and banner loyalty offers.”

The Zen management team is to remain with the company, with Zen CEO Tom Jeffries commenting: “The acquisition by LMG provides Zen, and all our customers, a partner with the alignment and resources to grow and enhance the Zen platform to deliver the optimal digital marketing and retail solution for the industry.”

Zen will remain a separate enterprise with its own dedicated management and operational team, but it will benefit from a growing customer base as LMG implement the program along with development capital support.

LMG will initiate trial and implementation of the Zen Global platform in the second half of 2022, with wider application in 2023.

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