Little Creatures Long Days

Little Creatures seasonal Long Days release

October 28, 2019
By Alana House

Long Days is the latest seasonal release to come out of the Little Creatures Brewery, created for summer sipping as the weather heats up.

Designed to give craft beer lovers bold flavours while also catering to the growing demand for sessionability and lower alcohol options, the brew is a mid-strength IPA with copious amounts of Simcoe hops to give a passionfruit, citrussy flavour, balanced with malt characters and a subtle sweet caramel finish.

Russ Gosling, Head Brewer at Little Creatures Fremantle said Long Days is sales-gravity brewed and dryhopped.

“It’s the little things that make a difference,” he explained. “Often mid-strengths are brewed at high-gravity and diluted, but sales-gravity brewing negates any dilution, so you get a nicely in-tune beer with a smooth consistency that tastes full flavoured, with a refined aroma and clean finish.”

Little Creatures Long Days

Long Days is available on tap at Little Creatures breweries and select venues, and in store from leading retailers around the country with an RRP of $58/24-case and $19/6-pack.

Russ Gosling’s top craft beer trends for 2020:

  1. Hazy, hazy, and more hazy: the hazy trend will continue with hazy IPA’s everywhere in a multitude of variants. HAZE.
  2. Unusual yeasts: expect to see many more unusual yeasts being used in the next round of craft beer innovations, including Kveik, Jovaru and Simonaitis.
  3. Can artwork: it’s as much about the brew as what the brew is in, to create a complete experience for the drinker. I think one of the biggest trends next year will be bright, bold, simple, clean and sophisticated can artwork.
  4. Innovation boom: there’s already so much happening in the craft beer space, which is fueled by craft beer lovers who are always on the hunt for what is new and different. It will keep gaining momentum which means brewers will be getting even more creative and crazy with their innovations, from the materials they use, to their flavour combinations, and collaborations.
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