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Liquor Legends CEO: “We’re emerging from lockdown stronger than ever”

July 6, 2020
By Alana House

Drinks Guide 2020-21 edition is out now, featuring updates from drinks industry leaders including Liquor Legends CEO John Carmody.

The guide offers fascinating insights into how businesses are transforming during these unprecedented times.

Here’s what Carmody had to say:

“2020 is one for the history books, that’s for sure. With our on-premise venues forced to close their doors across the country, bottle shops have played an essential role in sustaining a level of normality in our local communities.

‘As a business, we have been doing everything in our power to support our members and customers by maintaining our best practice service standard, rapidly respond to the schizophrenic shopping behaviour and adapt to the turbulent trading environment.

‘The impact of COVID-19 on the retail side of our business has been enormous. We saw customers buying less per shop but spending more and shopping more often. Looking at March through to May, our sales grew +21%, transactions +6% and average spend +14% like for like.

‘Rewards Members played a key part in driving businesses by shopping 38% more frequently this year compared to year ago. Currently we have over 567,000 rewards members and recruiting +10,500 each month. The agility within the business to react and adapt, reflects our positive growth.

‘Our mission is to ensure we are providing industry leading solutions to our members in this unpredictable market. This includes accelerating the launch of our digital commerce strategy. Within four weeks, we successfully onboarded 40 outlets nationally to our platform and continue to work down the line-up as quickly as we can.

“We have designed an intense National Digital Strategy utilising local area marketing technology, tailored to amplify our online platform and support our outlets with best practice YouTube, Facebook and Instagram advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, and real time analytics.

‘This is an omni channel approach, which will not only enhance our bricks and mortar retail stores, but also increase our online presence and amplify the Liquor Legends brand in its entirety. Each campaign is created by the Liquor Legends team with the support of our preferred suppliers, which will be designed to reach thousands of potential customers around our store’s location to deliver meaningful results for their business.

“Our strategy is only in its infancy and I warn you … It’s about to get crazy! Watch this space.

“Our business is emerging from lockdown stronger than ever with new facets of our business being realised which never existed before. Building on the success we have had with our new digital marketing tool; we have also tailored a one-stop shop on-premise reopening package for any venue to take advantage of. The package includes a four-week intense digital strategy using social media, search engine marketing and EDM communications tailored to the specific venues to re-engage and encourage foot traffic back through their doors.

“The launch and exposure of our new shoppable platform has also managed to secure new business with Sun Hotel and McGuire’s group joining our legendary family.

“We are extremely proud of the results thus far and are pleased to be able to offer profitable solutions to our members’ retail business.

“Safe to say our new financial year goals are bigger than ever, but with a clear and controlled strategy! We have pressed our thumbs on the green button, which means there is no turning back.”

Drinks Guide

Read Carmody’s article, plus viewpoints from other industry leaders in the digital edition of Drinks Guide here. 

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