Furphy Crisp Lager

Lion launches Furphy Crisp Lager

May 18, 2020
By Alana House

Following an exclusive preview in Geelong, new Furphy Crisp Lager has been launched across Victoria.

The easy-drinking, full strength (4.5% ABV) lager was available on tap in Geelong in March, but is now on sale in a clear glass version of the iconic ‘Furphy’ stubby to showcase its light, golden colour.

Before it became known as Geelong’s favourite beer, Furphy was best-known as the name of the Shepparton family who made water tanks used by soldiers in World War I. The soldiers used to swap stories by the Furphy water tanks, giving rise to the definition of a ‘furphy’ as a tall tale. Today, the same family makes the stainless-steel tanks used for brewing Furphy Refreshing Ale and have helped create Furphy Crisp Lager.

Head Brewer at Little Creatures Geelong, Warren Pawsey, said: “In developing a lager from Furphy we wanted to make sure that it had the great quality and brewing credentials the brand is known for, whilst still being super refreshing. We think we’ve created a cracking lager – it’s light, crisp and offers the ultimate refreshment.”

Lion’s Craft and Premium Brand Director Malcolm Eadie added: “Furphy Refreshing Ale has seen great success in Victoria since its launch in 2014. Within five years, it has become the sixth biggest beer by value in the state – and it’s been a real local success story.

“In speaking to Victorian consumers about the beer last year, we learnt that there are plenty of drinkers who love our Ale, but many beer drinkers told us they were looking for something really crisp and easy-drinking from Furphy. They talked to us about making a lager that would be perfect for occasions when they are getting together with their mates in the pub or at a BBQ.”

Furphy Crisp Lager

Furphy Crisp Lager is available at bottle shops across Victoria at an RRP of $17 for a 375mL 6-pack.

The rest of Australia will have to wait a little longer before the brand is launched nationally.

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