Lion COVID-19 ads

Lion launches COVID-19 advertising campaign

March 29, 2020
By Alana House

Lion has updated its logo and launched a coronavirus advertising campaign to reinforce to consumers how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Regarding the coronavirus advertising for XXXX, West End, Emu Export, Toohey’s and James Boag, Lion said: “Over the weekend we used the power of our beer brands to reinforce the Government’s message to all Australians to ‘keep their distance’ in a series of full-page ads in major newspapers and content shared across social media channels.

“At a time when we can’t stand close, we need to stand together and all do our bit when it comes to physical distancing.”

Lion COVID-19 ads

Lion Australia Managing Director James Brindley said the only way to catch up with mates at the moment is on a video call.  

“We never thought we would be telling people not to invite their mates over for a beer, but that is exactly what we are doing,” Brindley said. 

“Down the track, we will all be back together in pubs or at BBQs, but for now, we want to help reinforce this critical message via our iconic brands.” 

It follows Lion announcing additional measures to assist its on-premise customers, including taking back unused kegs at no cost or charge and offering customers a credit.

Lion’s new temporary logo features the tagline “Be sociable. Live Well. Stay Home.”

Lion logo COVID-19

Lion said: “We have updated our Lion logo to remind people that during this time it’s important to ‘physically distance’ but also to be sociable and live well when staying at home. We are all in this together.”

Lion CEO Stuart Irvine also noted on LinkedIn: “As we face into the threat of COVID-19, our social lives are being disrupted, turned upside down. Whether you call it ‘social distancing’ or ‘physical distancing’, the key word is ‘distance’. And as we watch our wonderful pubs, clubs, restaurants and venues close across our communities, we feel a deep sense of sadness and loss. 

“In the coming period, we will need to re-imagine sociability. Yes, we need to physically distance to protect the vulnerable in our communities, but we must continue to be sociable and support those who are at risk of being isolated.”

Lion virtual drinks

“There are many great examples of people finding innovative ways to maintain social connections at this very strange time. Last week a number of our teams chose to meet up for ‘virtual’ Friday afternoon drinks over Skype after a long and challenging week. Everywhere we are seeing great stories of yoga studios, book clubs and gym classes connecting virtually to continue sharing their passion in these uncertain times.

“So in many ways, we are seeing new forms of sociability emerge. The enduring legacy of these difficult times may well be a greater sense of community and the importance of maintaining our social bonds.

“I think this should give us great hope that humanity will come together to conquer COVID-19.”

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