Kellogg's Corn Flakes beer limited edition

Limited edition beer releases for spring

October 3, 2019
By Alana House

As spring kicks off it’s all about the beer releases this week, with limited edition brews from Kellogg’s, XXXX, Pure Blonde and Carlton Draught.

Kellogg’s has joined with One Drop Brewing Co to produce a unique limited-edition Corn Flakes Beer.

Brewed and canned at One Drop Brewery in Botany, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Milkshake IPA beer is available for a limited time only during Spring/Summer 2019.

The Corn Flakes Nitro Milkshake IPA beer features ripe notes of strawberry, passionfruit, coconut and mango, backed up by a tropical bitterness.

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Moo Brew Belgian Pale Ale

To celebrate the launch of its limited release Belgian Pale Ale, Tasmanian brewery Moo Brew has recruited the palest Belgian male in Australia to be the face of its new campaign.

When he arrived in Hobart looking a little more St Kilda and a little less sun deprived than hoped.

Moo Brew Marketing Manager Tim Dudgeon said: “Look, we just had to make do with the talent available. So we put him on a trawler in double underpants and clogs in the centre of Hobart, but it just didn’t seem to work. You really can’t predict these things.”

Moo Brew’s Belgian Pale Ale is available online and in select retailers and venues in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Queensland for a limited time only.

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XXXX Gold Mr Fourex limited edition

Lion has released a limited edition XXXX Gold can to celebrate The Ashes being home and the summer of cricket ahead.

The XXXX GOLD Classic Cricket Can, which will be available nationally from October onwards, sees the return of the brand’s mascot, Mr Fourex.

To mark XXXX’s long-standing partnership with Australian cricket, Mr Fourex will don the cricket whites on the limited-edition packaging, which includes six different cricketing poses.

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Carlton win

Carlton & United Breweries is releasing limited-edition Richmond Draught to keep the celebrations flowing after the team’s win.

At least 30,000 slabs of yellow and black Carlton Draught have left the Abbotsford brewery in Tiger heartland today and be available at bottle-shops across Victoria in time for the weekend.

Fresh from his five-goal haul at the MCG on Grand Final Day, Richmond star Jack Riewoldt was at the brewery to watch the first Richmond Draught beers being canned.

“Just when I thought the celebrations couldn’t get any better, we got our very own Richmond Draught,” Riewoldt said.

“Let the celebrations keep flowing by picking up your piece of premiership history!”

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Pure Blonde organic beer

The final release isn’t limited edition, it’s a permanent new member of the CUB family – the first ACO-certified organic beer and cider range in the brewery’s history, Pure Blonde Organic.

Pure Blonde Organic Lager still has 80% less carbs than regular beer. It’s a crisp tasting lager that has a rich golden colour, notes of apple wood and floral hops that are carried through with a malty palate.

Pure Blonde Organic Cider has 60% less sugar and 50% less carbs than regular cider. It has a pale straw and crystal clear clarity, with a fresh apple aroma and hints of apple core notes.

Pure Blonde Organic Cider replaces the original Pure Blonde Apple Cider. It has the same taste and calorie content. Pure Blonde Organic Lager is an addition to the Pure Blonde family and sits alongside Pure Blonde Ultra.

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