Latest Hybrid Releases Calls on 42 Below Vodka To Create an Even ‘Harder’ Cider

July 14, 2015
By Alana House
Newly launched Applejacks is the latest in a line of cross-category RTD hybrids, bolstering a standard cider recipe with the addition of 42 Below Vodka.

The uncharacteristic pairing has created two 5.4% ABV SKUs for the Applejacks range – Pippin Dry and Ginger Jive.

According to the brand, the addition of vodka was not a move to justify increased strength, but rather a purpose-driven decision to allow for a dryer, easier drinking cider.

Applejacks has began a slow release across venues nationwide, with a larger rollout to Dan Murphy’s and BWS set for mid-August. Distribution will reach further retailers and independents by January 2016.

Applejacks has a recommended retail price of $10-12 per bottle and is distributed by Bacardi Lion.
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