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March 26, 2019
By Alana House

The Caffeinated Cocktail Revolution features in the March/April issue of Drinks Trade, out now.

Coffee has been associated with cocktails since 1949, when the Black Russian was created using coffee liqueur and vodka. The drink morphed into the Espresso Martini when legendary British barman Richard ‘Dick’ Bradsell added a shot of espresso in late 1980s.

Bea Bradsell talks to Drinks Trade about her legendary father and his iconic contribution to mixology.  

According to IRI’s coffee culture viewpoint, coffee flavoured glass spirits have generated almost $50 million in sales and delivered growth of just over $900,000 year on year.

Kahlua is the leading brand, generating $6 out of every $10 spent on coffee flavoured glass spirits.

Drinks Trade talks to Kahlua’s first, and recently appointed, National Brand Ambassador, Ben Parton (above) about the appeal of the caffeinated cocktail.

“Taste and quality are really the main drivers, otherwise people still would be dumping shot glasses of various spirits into schooners full of energy drink and sinking them – an indication they aren’t made to savour,” he says. 

The latest issue of Drinks Trade also explores The Power And The Passion of South Australian wine; plus Ben Davidson interviews Alfred Cointreau, Global Brand Manager of Cointreau; and the Drinks Trade Tasting Bench explores Chardonnay, Grenache and Grenache Blends. 

Read more about “The Espresso Martini and the Caffeinated Cocktail Revolution” in the March/April issue of Drinks Trade, out now! Click here to read the digital edition

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