Latest Draught Beer Technology

September 2, 2015
By Alana House
Swings and Roundabouts - Margaret River WAAustralian inventor, Streamline Beverage has developed a new piece of technology that makes beer, cider and wine on draught visible from the tap.

The translucent beer-fount technology allows consumers to see the range of beverages on draught before they’ve been poured, while publicans can also check the quality of the line.

“Brewers and winemakers work hard to make sure the product is perfect when it goes into the keg. Then what? The Streamline ‘Op Tik’ dispense towers allow patrons to see what they’re purchasing and know that it’s being poured to the highest quality and standard”, Andrew Hunter, Managing Director of Streamline Beverage says.

Already being used by companies such as Little Creatures Brewery and Swings and Roundabouts Wines, Hunter also says the Op Tik adds to the consumer’s drinking experience, offering additional visual cues to traditional branding and aiding with the purchasing decision.

“Increased consumer awareness and desire for an authentic draught experience in bars and venues, particularly in the craft sector, has lifted the profile of drinks from kegs”, Hunter added. “The old saying that people “eat with their eyes” couldn’t be truer in today’s craft drinks phenomenon.”

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