Larrikin celebrates the Australian cherry in a winter gin release

June 24, 2019
By Alana House

Larrikin has breathed a new fruitiness into its Scoundrel gin, with a new winter gin called Cherry Lush.

Cherry Lush incorporates Morello and sweet cherries in the seasonal release.

The ruby red gin has been bottled at 28%, delivering a smooth finish that has initial cherry sweetness followed by hints of tartness from the Morellos. While bold in flavour, Cherry Lush can be enjoyed either straight or mixed.

With a local focus on the Victorian region, the Larrikin team has sourced the Morello and sweet cherries from the Red Hill Cherry Farm in Victoria.

Larrikin Gin’s Scott Wilson-Browne said: “Our Cherry Lush is one of those sinful indulgences that you want to share but it’s so hard too! Then again, you deserve a lush reward now and then, right?”

Cherry Lush is available now at or at selected on-premise outlets. RRP: $85.00

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