La Dolce Vita

November 19, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Fresh out of Melbourne’s lockdown, Starward has released, Dolce – Italian for ‘sweet’. It is the newest release from Starward Projects where distillers are invited to experiment with different whiskies and create flavour forward and unique expressions.

Dolce is unlike anything released from Starward before.

This new Single Malt Australian Whisky has been  matured  in Australian  red wine barrels and finished in dessert wine barrels, that held an Australian interpretation of a Sicilian Dessert Wine. As a single, limited release, Dolce is a melding of juicy wine and oak characters with a flourish of sweet ‘Sicilian’ notes; marshmallow and cola.

To celebrate the latest sweet release, Starward and Piccolina in Melbourne have joined forces to make three delectable adults only Dolce ice creams: whisky and raisin, Manhattan sorbet and liquorice. Only available at the Collingwood Piccolina store, 296 Smith St, Collingwood, on Friday, 21 November and Saturday, 22 November.

Of the release, Starward Founder, David Vitale said: “Coming from Sicilian origins myself, this is a whisky that is close to my heart, one that screamed right from the first tasting “TRY ME”! The  sweet  aromas  of  marshmallow and cola meld perfectly with our trademark juicy and balancing stamp of red wine barrel maturation. It is going to be the perfect  end  for our Christmas  lunch  with  panettone  & vanilla  ice-cream.

“The whisky is from our ‘playground’ of Starward Projects. It was an experiment borne from some very interesting local barrels. Of course, regulations and rules mean we are creative with what we call these barrels. I just think this whisky is the embodiment of the  Italian word for sweet; Dolce…! Be quick though, there are not many bottles.”

This whisky shines whether served neat, on the rocks or as a refreshing summers cocktail like the Sicilian Sundowner.

Dolce is a limited release, available in a 500ml bottle for RRP $119 via Starward distillery or online and at select retailers around Australia.

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