Konvoy packs for Drinktec with a global solution

July 20, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Konvoy has acquired Portugal based Onalytics, cellular keg tracking device and says that the acquisition will support its rollout in North America.

Onalytics’ device, using the cellular network can connect to the main cellular providers globally. Konvoy’s Sigfox beacons – Katch – work across ANZ and UK, Ireland & Europe, but do not have the network to support service in the North American markets.

The acquisition means that at Konvoy’s global launch at Drinktec in September, Konvoy goes to market with a fit for purpose keg tracking solution the world over.

Adam Trippe-Smith, founder of Konvoy and Katch says, “This acquisition is precisely what Konvoy needs to expand internationally in the market. Our Katch technology solution is fit for purpose in ANZ, Asia and EMEA but the complementary cellular technology means we can expand rapidly into North America.

“Konvoy’s aim is to use technology to improve the keg industry, refine processes and efficiencies in logistics which will have a beneficial environmental impact with reduced transport times.” 

Konvoy will run trials in America through September and October with a larger pilot program of around 20,000 production devices planned for February 2023.

It currently tracks more than 120k in multiple markets.

Kegs are fitted with a Katch, welded to the top and strong enough to act as a handle once in place. The Katch acts as a tracking device and thermometer, measuring the temperature of the keg which correlates closely with the draught beer, seltzer or pre-mixed spirit inside.

Marc Eggins, General Manager of Konvoy’s technology business, says, “We have been extremely busy building the next 2.0 version of the Katch beacon and with Onalytics technology onboard we are now able to refine it further, reducing the price point for the market and also increasing the efficiencies of the beacon globally.”

Konvoy has retained the Onalytics team to continue refining the device and increase speed to market. 

Cristina Raposo, Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer from Onalytics, said, “We will continue to work on adding value to the beverage industry, by enabling breweries to be more sustainable, streamline keg logistics, and control the quality of beer served to customers.” 

Konvoy also acquired Australian beverage keg supply, service and repair company Keg Services in October 2020.

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