Kellogg’s is turning rejected Corn Flakes into beer

December 10, 2018
By Alana House

Kellogg’s has teamed up with a UK brewer to turn waste Corn Flakes into beer.

Seven Bro7hers has created‘’Throw Away IPA’ using flakes from the Kellogg’s factory in Manchester that are considered too big, small or overcooked to make it into packs.

The flakes would ordinarily go to animal feed, but now replace some of the wheat grain in the beer mix. 

A spokesperson for Kelloggs said that around 30% of the grain content of the beer will be Corn Flakes, and 70% wheat.

The use of Corn Flakes sweetens the beer and adds to its golden colour.

Corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK, Kate Prince, said: “Kellogg’s is always exploring different and sustainable ways to reduce food waste in its factories. So it is great to be involved in such a fun initiative with a local supplier.

“Kellogg’s is working hard to eliminate food waste in our manufacturing processes and give our consumers the wholesome products they love with minimum impact on the planet. Our approach has delivered a 12.5% reduction on food waste in our UK sites this year.”

Alison Watson from Seven Brothers Brewery said: “Seven Brothers Brewery is delighted to be working with Kellogg’s on a project which uses edible but not-sellable cereal.”

Seven Bro7hers was established in 2014 by the McAvoy brothers – Guy, 57, Keith, 50, Luke, 45, Daniel, 44, Nathan, 42, Kit, 37, and Greg, 35 – who were inspired by their dad’s home-brewing efforts over the years.

Earlier this year, their sisters started their own distillery, Four Sis4ers Gin.

The 11 siblings believe they are the biggest single family in the alcohol business in the world.

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