Keg credits from CUB. ATO removes excises on takeaway beers and cocktails.

August 9, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

As lockdowns persist and COVID case numbers grow, CUB has announced a ‘keg for credit’ return scheme in Greater Sydney, while the ATO has lifted excises on takeaway beer and cocktails for venues facing difficulties due to COVID-19 restrictions until 31 October. Good news for locked-down pubs and patrons supporting their local venues.

Carlton & United Breweries

Carlton & United Breweries’ customers in Greater Sydney will have the opportunity to return full kegs for a full credit for kegs where kegs were dispatched on or after 12 June and have a best before date before 31 August.

A spokesperson from the brewing giant said, “Some of our customer relationships in Sydney stretch back well over 100 years. We’re committed to ensuring they survive another 100 years and beyond, which is why we’ll keep working 1-1 with our customers to help them during this crisis.

This support follows our keg return program last year that saw more than 100,000 untapped kegs refunded across the country. Last year we also launched For the Love of Your Local, which raised $2 million for pubs in need.

The ATO has made some changes for takeaway alcohol, which are aimed at providing further support for businesses in the alcohol industry. 

Takeaway beverages amendments from ATO

From 29 July to 31 October 2021, venues experiencing COVID-19 restrictions can repackage duty-paid kegged beer for takeaway sale in sealed containers (such as growlers), without needing:

  • an excise manufacturer licence
  • to pay further excise duty. 

This applies to alcohol service venues operating under COVID-19 restrictions where they:

  • are restricted to takeaway service only
  • have to apply the four-square metre rule
  • have limits on the number of customers allowed in an enclosed space. 

Takeaway mixed alcoholic beverages

The ATO has also updated their position on takeaway mixed alcoholic beverages. No further excise duty or licence is needed from bars where a bartender is preparing a takeaway cocktails from the venue in a sealed, single-serve container to be consumed shortly after purchase. The container cannot be one designed for medium to long-term storage, such as cans or bottles that are used in manufacturing Ready-To-Drink beverages (RTDs).

For further information, visit the ATO’s website, at Excise on alcohol

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