Joe Russo Appointed Chief Supply Chain Officer, Accolade Wines

February 5, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Joe Russo has been announced as Accolade Wines’ new Chief Supply Chain Officer, bringing with him 30 years of both local and international Supply Chain management experience in the wine, beer, and spirits industry.

Joe has accepted this promotion following four years as Accolade Wines’ General Manager of Supply Chain and Operations ANZ.

“I am excited to collaborate with our global team to continually drive safety, quality, and productivity across our complex supply chain,” said Joe.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard on customer centricity with a focus on ensuring our supply business is considered best in industry around the world by our customers and consumers.”

The announcement coincides with Accolades recent recapitalisation news, which will see Australian Wine Hold Holdco Limited (AWL) take equity ownership of the company after a period of acute operating and financial conditions.

“Given the challenges in supply chains globally, staying in front of ever-changing landscapes is the key at differentiating you from your competition – something I am extremely passionate about delivering,” said Joe. 

Prior to his time at Accolade, Joe held senior Supply Chain roles with Diageo, Mondelez, and Lion.  

As Chief Supply Chain Officer, Joe will work with a global team to ensure efficiency and safety across its supply chain.

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