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Jetty Road’s special brew for International Women’s Day

March 5, 2020
By Alana House

A bespoke beer has been brewed by the female staff at Jetty Road Brewery especially for International Women’s Day: Siduri Brut.

The brew team included females from across the business – sales, events, marketing, design, front of house and accounts.

The beer has been named in honour of the wise female divinity associated with fermentation, Siduri.

An IPA at 6.2%, it takes inspiration from Brut Champagne, with the brewery describing it as “dry as a bone and packing a hop punch that says don’t muck with me. Made by women for everyone”.

“This is a bold beer brewed by the strong women of Jetty Road. These ladies are not mucking around,” it added.

Staffer Sophie Nettleford said the Jetty Road crew created the brew because they “are all about making brewing accessible and inclusive”.

“They believe that brewing should be about inclusivity, creativity and education,” she said.

“Once everyone in an organisation understands the process and experimentations that go through the brewery in order to get those flavours just right, the beer tastes even better.”

Jetty Road also offers flexible work hours to those with families and encourages everyone to be involved with offerings available for consumers, such as yoga.

Siduri Brut is on tap at Jetty Road Brewery from this weekend.

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