Jenna Hemsworth smashes Bacardi Legacy semi final

May 13, 2019
By Alana House

Our fingers are tightly crossed for Jenna Hemsworth following her semi-final appearance at the 11th BACARDÍ LEGACY Global Final in Amsterdam.

Hemsworth – who is based at Sydney’s Restaurant Hubert – won the Australian final of BACARDÍ LEGACY in February.

She is among 43 finalists (above) competing for eight places in the Grand Final.

Guests attending the Grand Final on May 14 at Rode Hoed, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic canal district, will be joined by a huge global audience who will tune in live to see the winner announced.

The ladies of Legacy
The ladies of Legacy

Hemsworth has shared a photograph of herself with “The ladies of Legacy” on Instagram, noting: “To have nine incredible, strong, inspirational women in the global finals is amazing – getting to know each one of them has been even more so. I’m so happy for the lovely people I’ve met throughout this journey – and utterly humbled and honored to share this experience with these eight ladies with me.”

According to Bacardi’s Penny Sippe, Jenna “absolutely smashed” the semi final, presenting her drink The Monach, a mix of BACARDÍ Carta Blanca, Dom Benedictine, mandarin juice, lime juice and basil.

Meanwhile Bacardi’s Loy Catada noted: “It is an absolute pleasure and honour to be standing on the stage with this legend today. We are proud of you lady.”

The team have found time to sight-see around Amsterdam, while Jenna was also thrilled to meet last year’s Bacardi Legacy winner Eric Van Beek.

Both days of semi-finals (May 12 & 13) and the Grand Final (May 14) are being streamed live from the BACARDÍ LEGACY Facebook page:

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