Jamie Durie blitzes Sydney beer garden

April 7, 2019
By Alana House

An iconic Sydney pub has won a national search by Hoegaarden and landscape designer Jamie Durie to find the beer garden most in need of a makeover.

The beer garden at the Observer Hotel has been transformed into an inner-city oasis as the winner of the Beer Gaarden Blitz.

Through the Beer Gaarden Blitz redesign, the Hoegaarden team and Jamie Durie aimed to bring nature and simplicity to customers at The Observer Hotel without having to leave the city, through a Hoegaarden “gaarden” that’s been completely transformed with greenery.

The heritage-listed venue provided some challenges Jamie and his team of designers and landscaping experts, however that didn’t stop them from completely transforming the concrete courtyard into an inner city oasis.

The Observer Hotel’s beer garden before the makeover.

The space has been re-designed to make it more functional and over 80 trees and plants were introduced, including Espalier Orange Trees as a nod to Hoegaarden’s traditional recipe.

It is a lush new space filled with giant topiary’s giving shade to built-in custom tables wrapped around them and generous banquet seating wrapped in landscape complete with over 80 trees and plants were introduced, including Espalier Orange Trees as a nod to Hoegaarden’s traditional recipe.

The Observer Hotel’s beer garden after the makeover.

Hoegaarden’s Beer Gaarden Blitz ambassador, Jamie Durie, said: “It’s important for regulars to have spaces like the new Hoegaarden garden to help escape from the urban sprawl.” 

Jamie Durie enjoys a beer at the launch of the new beer garden.

“The Observer Hotel is an iconic and beautiful venue in the heart of Sydney, and to be able to add all these wonderful, natural and green elements to the space has been incredibly rewarding for myself and the team,”  Hoegaarden’s Head of Marketing, Andrew Vance, added.

“We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Jamie and the team at The Observer Hotel to help busy Sydneysiders escape the urban jungle by reconnecting with nature with a refreshing Hoegaarden in-hand through the venue’s newly transformed beer garden.”

The owner of The Observer Hotel, Bradley Michael, said: “Seeing the transformation of the venue has been incredible – never in a million years did we think our beer garden could ever look this green and lush! Our huge thanks go out to the team at Hoegaarden and Jamie Durie, we can’t wait to share the venue with the locals!”

You can find out more about Beer Gaarden Blitz and watch Jamie and the team’s transformation of the venue at www.hoegaardenblitz.com.

Watch the episode below:

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