Jameson Cold Brew arrives in Oz

May 2, 2019
By Alana House

Irish whiskey and coffee combine in the new Jameson Cold Brew.

Following a successful pilot in Ireland in September 2018, Jameson Cold Brew will now pilot in Australia in May 2019.

Pernod Ricard said Jameson Cold Brew has been unveiled in response to the growing global appetite for Irish whiskey, quality coffee and coffee-driven cocktails such as the espresso martini.

It’s a combination of triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey and cold brew coffee extract crafted from 100% Fairtrade arabica beans from Columbia and Brazil.

Jameson Cold Brew is best served chilled, over ice or in a coffee cocktail such as the Jameson Cold Fashioned, Jameson Cold Brewtini or the Jameson Cold Brew & Tonic.

Bottled at 35% ABV, Jameson Cold Brew is a vegan, low sugar dry liqueur that will pilot with a national exclusive with Dan Murphy’s, at the RRP of $54, and in 30 key on trade accounts across the three key cities.

Eric Thomson, Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard Australia, said “Over the past 10 years, we have seen the continued rise in popularity of both Irish whiskey and craft coffee culture, and while the two are no strangers in the glass we wanted to modernise this iconic duo.

“Jameson Cold Brew combines the best of both worlds in a new and refreshing way and we are confident that Irish whiskey and coffee fans alike will enjoy the taste experience it offers.”

The launch of Jameson Cold Brew follows the success of Pernod Ricard’s canned Kahlua Espresso Martini product, which was released in November.

The Espresso Martini has taken on legendary status Australia. According to IRI’s coffee culture viewpoint, data MAT 6/10/18, coffee flavoured glass spirits generated almost $50 million in sales delivering growth of just over $900,000 year on year.

Kahlua is the leading brand, generating $6 out of every $10 spent on coffee flavoured glass spirits, while also delivering over $1 million of growth year on year. 

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