James Bond Heineken 0.0

James Bond ditches martinis for Heineken 0.0

January 9, 2020
By Alana House

A new beer ad sees James Bond turn down his signature martini and request a Heineken 0.0 from the bartender instead.

The TV commercial, which has debuted in countries including Ireland and Argentina, features Daniel Craig asking for the non-alcoholic beer at a bar. He notes “I’m working” when the bartender offers him a “double up”.

Bond’s response plays into the Heineken’s tagline: “Now you can while working.”

Plus a second, longer version:

The Mirror reported in April 2019 that Heineken had shot yet-to-be-released James Bond ads with Craig in a £10million deal.

In 2012, Heineken paid £28 million (around $US36million) to feature in Skyfall, a figure that reportedly covered a third of the movie’s budget.

Heineken reported a 3.7% like-for-like sales uplift in Western Europe after the film aired, with overall volumes up 5.3% in 2012.

Damian Dabkowski, Heineken Country Manager, Australia, said:Heineken 0.0 launched globally in 2017 and is exceeding expectations in all 51 markets.

“In Australia, we estimate that the no-alcohol beer segment will reach 22ML in five years, so it is a huge opportunity.” 

Heineken 0.0

“Currently, nine percent of global Heineken sales are going to 0.0 and the trend is still growing,” Dimitris Kyriazis, Heineken’s director of Sales, Europe Export & Global Duty Free recently noted to Apex. “Millennials are moderating their drinking behaviors and we are also educating consumers to moderate their behaviors as part of our ‘enjoy responsibly’ campaign.”

In the US, Heineken VP of marketing Borja Manso told BrewBound that ⅔ of Heineken 0.0 consumers are incremental. He said the company isn’t close to finding the ceiling yet for the non-alcoholic beer, and the plans call for 10 million samples in 2020.

Chief sales officer Jim Sloan added that Heineken 0.0 faced out of stocks at retailers in July, and he encouraged wholesalers to stock more than a 10-day supply of the beer.

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