Irvine Wines’ new winemaker releases first vintage

September 14, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

One of the largest privately-owned premium grape growers in Barossa, Eden Valley stalwart, Irvine Wines, has introduced a new Barossa Shiraz to their Spring Hill Collection.

The 2020 Spring Hill Shiraz has been released alongside three 2021 vintage releases: Spring Hill Pinot Gris, Spring Hill Riesling, and Spring Hil Rosé and is the first vintage release from winemaker, Lachlan Duncan.

Mr Duncan joined as Irvine’s winemaker earlier this year, bringing with him twenty years of premium winemaking experience having worked with Rockford, Teusner and Bremerton Wines. He has track record of producing top quality Barossa wine from the many subregions within Barossa, as well as extensive international experience in some of the world’s top wine regions.

Mr Duncan is passionate about making wines of distinction, believing that wine is made in the vineyard. The new release Spring Hill wines are fresh and vibrant, reflecting his philosophy.

“The Spring Hill collection offers amazing quality and value.  Grapes are difficult to source from Eden Valley and yields are often small, so these wines are a testament to the Miles family and the vineyards they have nurtured over five generations,” says Lachlan.

“I am pleased with the 2021 vintage – it was a joy to work with. Cool conditions over the critical ripening period produced grapes of exceptional flavour and impeccable balance.”

The slower paced ripening allowed us to comfortably pick and process our grapes to maximise their quality. The 2020 vintage was warmer and faster but produced grapes and wines of excellent concertation and depth.”

While the Spring Hill styles are diverse, purity of fruit and elegance on the palate unite these wines.  

“The Riesling is bright and aromatic, with mouth-watering acidity and a light textural finish. It’s a serious and quality wine that can be appreciated now but will also age beautifully. In contrast, the Pinot Gris is softer and broader, with sweet white fruits producing a delicious and accessible drink.  

“The Rosé is distinctive as a light, delicate and low alcoholic style, and yet it is the strength and concentration of the Shiraz that comes to the fore for this wine, while still maintaining our signature freshness and balance.”

To find out more about Irvine Wines, visit or contact Will Hancock.

2020 Spring Hill Shiraz

  • The breakdown on this wine is 80% Shiraz from Irvine’s Ebenezer vineyard and 20% from their Hazelmere Eden Valley vineyard.
  • The Ebenezer vineyard being the core wine, gives it the darker fruit flavours and silky texture.
  • The Eden Valley component lifts the blend with red fruit and spice.
  • Irvine red wines are destemmed and fermented in open top fermenters with eight to 10 days on skins. 
  • This wine is matured in a combination stainless steel tanks and older hogshead barrels for approximately 12 months. 

2021 Spring Hill Riesling

  • This wine is from a small patch of 20-year-old vines nestled on one of the highest points of Irvine’s Spring Gully vineyard.
  • The soil is rocky and tough with shards of granite and iron stone littering the soil surface. The vines work hard to get their nutrition.
  • Grapes are picked early in the morning to preserve the delicate flavours and aromas, and quickly destemmed and pressed off to tank.
  • Juice is then racked and a cool and controlled ferment is conducted to maintain the delicate fruit structure. Some solids are left in the juice to add complexity and texture.
  • Wine is left to mature on light lees to add further texture and mouthfeel.

2021 Spring Hill Pinot Gris

  • This wine is from two separate Eden Valley vineyards.  The first block is one of the original plantings from 1997. High in altitude but well protected from the elements, the well-drained sandy loam produces delicate and aromatic fruit. 
  • The second vineyard is just ‘down the hill’ on the next-door Spring Gully site. The soil is slightly rockier wine and lower lying.  Grapes off this vineyard often add a depth of flavour and complexity to the blend.
  • Grapes are picked cool and de-stemmed with some careful oxidative handling controls any phenolic pickup.
  • A small component is barrel fermented to add depth and texture to the finished blend. 

2021 Spring Hill Rosé

  • The Zinfandel vineyard is from one of the original Irvine vineyards on the property planted in 1997, situated on a beautifully terraced, east facing slope.
  • The strong yielding variety is carefully managed to produce delicate and aromatic fruit.
  • Grapes are picked just as the flavours start to mature, maintaining fresh natural acidity and low alcohol.
  • Careful pressing is important with this wine, as it is where the colour and structure of this delicate thin-skinned variety is managed.  
  • 400 acres of Barossa and Eden Valley vineyards dating back to 1867, when Henry Winter Miles planted his first vineyard.
  • Commitment to excellence has produced gold and double gold awards at the world’s most prestigious wine competitions.
  • One of the largest family-owned premium grape growers in Barossa.
  • Ranges include Spring Hill, Pushing Boundaries, Estate, Icon and Royal collections.
  • Currently producing Rosé, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Shiraz, Cabernet, Zinfandel, Chardonnay and world-renowned Merlot.
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