Innocent Bystander partners with Dylan Alcott’s inclusive music festival

November 23, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Innocent Bystander winery is joining Melbourne’s Ability Fest as the first ever and exclusive wine partner for the event, the country’s only inclusive, fully accessible music festival, created by the Dylan Alcott Foundation, Untitled Group and presented by Triple J.

Conceptualised by four-time Paralympic gold medalist and 15 time grand slam champion, Dylan Alcott, in conjunction with the masterminds behind musical festivals such as Beyond The Valley, Grapevine Gathering and Wildlands, Ability Fest returns again this year – a platform that aims to use music as an inclusive platform to normalise disability.

Innocent Bystander is extremely proud to be Ability Fest’s newest partner. Andrew Dix, Innocent Bystander Brand Manager, says “Partnering with Ability Fest is much more than a typical event sponsorship it’s partnering on a change of behaviour and movement.”

Innocent Bystander is part Brown Family Wine Group, a certified ‘Great Place to Work’, and is committed to honouring this recognition throughout all aspects of the business including diversity and inclusivity. 

While Innocent Bystander’s roots are set in the Yarra Valley, they find inspiration far and wide, from ‘old world’ varietals to ‘new world’ techniques, from fresh local produce to the creative and emerging arts. If it’s interesting and transpiring they’re keen to get involved.

“Being a part of an emerging arts scene dates back to when the business began. Over fifteen years ago we launched Innocent Bystander’s first wines with a unique label, a street art inspired design that bucked the industry trend and caused a stir at home and abroad. We followed that up by reinventing the winery ‘cellar door’, opening an urban food and wine experience unlike anything else at the time. This has played out in the partners we’ve had including Brisbane Street Art Festival and now Ability Fest.” says Mr Dix.

Ability Fest was born by Mr Alcott due to his love of music and his desire to use his foundation to change the lives of young Australians living with disability. “It’s wonderful to be involved with a festival that is making an impact and changing the lives of many Australians,” saysMr Dix.

In its first two years, Ability Fest raised just shy of $500,000 for Alcott’s foundation. These funds are used to help young Australians with disabilities fulfil their potential through their grant program. So far they’ve given kids right across Australia wheelchairs to go to the Paralympics, put young adults through University and even funded their own startups to help them achieve their dreams.

Ability Fest 2021 is being led by Peking Duk and What So Not and welcomes everyone to come along for a warm Saturday afternoon amongst friends. Innocent Bystander Rosé, Prosecco and Pinot Noir will be poured across all bars and joined by local food trucks and creative vendors. 

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