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In the pink with De Bortoli Prosecco Rosé

January 18, 2021
By Melissa Parker

Rosé has taken a turn for the better over the past decade. Once a category dominated by sweet and syrupy wines, today rosés is the epitome of sophistication following the desirable dry and delicate characteristics style of rosé from Provence and its trademark pale salmon hue.

Combine this with the other wine style enjoying a peak in popularity, Prosecco and you have a guaranteed number one summer drink hit in your glass. As at MAT 13 Dec 2020, the Prosecco category in Australia is valued at $143 million and growing +29% vs the same period last year. While the Prosecco Rosé segment is still small within the Prosecco category at less than 5%, it is experiencing promising growth as consumers continue to choose pink.*

De Bortoli has been front and centre in pioneering the Rosé Revolution in Australia and is the #2 Prosecco in Australia in the latest MAT.* A spokesperson for the company said it was the logical progression to go pink with Prosecco and tap into the market potential of this stellar combination.

Up and coming fourth generation De Bortoli and Assistant Winemaker, Kate Webber agrees and says Prosecco Rosé is a serious bubbly but is still the life of the party.

“This Prosecco Rosé is quite textural with the pink colour coming from a small addition of Pinot Noir and is a great addition to our Prosecco range. Over summer it has been a popular wine with friends and family.”

She says she particularly loves the label too with the sassy girl on the Vespa, taking in the sights and dialling up the fun. She even suggests mixing it up with orange gin and soda for a refreshing and festive alternative.

Enjoying a glass of De Bortoli Prosecco Rosé brings home that classic Italian expression of La Dolce Vita. It says life is good, let’s have some fun.

De Bortoli Prosecco Rosé is vegan friendly, drinking now or can cellar for up to 18 months. It is available nationally at RRP $17.99 per bottle.

*IRI Scan data

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