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Crown Director Demetriou resigns and CEO Barton agrees to follow suit

February 11, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

It is expected that by the time the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority board convenes today, two of Chair Phillip Crawford’s demands from Thursday will have been met.

Director Andrew Demetriou resigned his position last night in a meeting with Chair Helen Coonan and it is understood that CEO Ken Barton has agreed to do so.

Two Crown board members resigned on Wednesday following the release of the 750 page Bergin Report that found Crown Resorts was unsuitable to operate a casino. James Packer has also relinquished any control at a board level becoming an Independent Director.

Justice Bergin found Crown Casino unfit to operate a casino as the organisation had been infiltrated by crime, facilitating money laundering and partnering with junkets with links to organised crime. This all came at the expense of the safety and welfare of their staff.

The ILGA must now decide if Crown should be allowed to operate casinos in New South Wales. The first ILGA board meeting to discuss the matter and establish the “roadmap to suitable” will take place Friday morning.

The ramifications for Crown in Perth and Melbourne are yet to play out.

Chair Helen Coonan retains her position and Crawford has stated that the ILGA is prepared to work with her. In a statement to the ASX, Coonan said she would work alongside the ILGA on a pathway to becoming an organisation that is suitable to run and operate a casino. That is going to take what Crawford described to RN as: “quick, immediate and worthwhile change.”

More to come.

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