ILG Fined for Promotion of Aussie Beer

April 1, 2015
By Alana House
The Independent Liquor Group (ILG) has been fined $10,200 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for incorrect labeling and packaging.

ACCC says ILG’s Aussie Beer was labeled incorrectly, misleading consumers to think they were purchasing an Australian made product, when in fact the beer was made in China.

The labeling incorporated the statement “100% owned” within a map of Australia and the statement “Australia’s finest malt”. The packaging also featured green and gold colours; colours closely associated with Australian sporting teams. The ACCC therefore considered that ILG was mis-representing Aussie Beer as a locally made product.

“Country of origin representations, particularly those designed to grab the eye of the consumer by using well known symbols, colours, or slogans, must be truthful,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“Consumers will often place a premium on the provenance of a product, but are unable to check the accuracy of those claims. This is particularly the case with Australian made products, which encourage consumers to support local industries. Consumers are entitled to expect that prominent representations made on packaging are accurate without having to check for disclosures in the fine print.”

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