Iconic Aussie Flavours Brought to Life in Limited Edition Lamington Ale

July 23, 2015
By Alana House
In its latest limited edition release under the Quiet Deeds range, craft brewery Red Island Brewing has channelled the flavours of chocolate malts to create Lamington Ale – a dark brew designed to mirror its namesake dessert.

Brewer Bobby Henry says the inspiration for the ale stemmed from his time working in the United States.

“During the Autumn period everyone would make pumpkin beers inspired by the flavour of pumpkin pies.

“I started wondering what the Australian version of this autumn flavour would be. I thought about Easter and ANZAC Day – the ANZAC biscuit came to mind, and then the lamington.”

Quiet Deeds’ Lambington Ale is the third of four seasonal releases planned for release in 2015.

Quiet Deeds Lamington Ale is available in 330ml bottle and 50l keg, as well as exclusively through Vintage Cellars as a six-pack retail priced at $27.00.

Quiet Deeds is distributed by Red Island Group.
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