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How consumers want brands to respond during COVID-19

April 1, 2020
By Alana House

The way brands respond to COVID-19 will have an impact on future purchasing behaviour for consumers, according to Edelman Trust Barometer.

Edelman conducted a poll of 12,000 people across the world’s leading economies last week, which found one in three respondents said they had already stopped using a brand that was not acting appropriately in response to the public health crisis.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) said how brands respond to the pandemic will have a ‘huge impact’ on their likelihood to buy their products.

Globally, 62% of consumers said they did not think their country would make it through the crisis without brands playing a ‘critical role’ in the fight against the coronavirus. And 90% wanted brands to partner government and relief agencies to address the crisis.

To maintain trust, 52% of consumers demand of companies is that they protect the wellbeing and financial security of their employees, even if they suffer big financial losses.

And 89% of consumers said brands should shift to producing products that help people meet the new challenges presented by the virus, and/or offer free or lower-priced products to health workers or other high-risk individuals.

In recent weeks companies such as Diageo, Hartshorn and CUB have switched at least part of their production capacity to making hand sanitisers.

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In terms of communications, 84% of respondents now expect firms to focus advertising on how products and services can help people cope with pandemic-related life challenges, and the vast majority expect brands to show they are aware of the crisis and its impact.

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Lion, for example, launched an advertising campaign over the weekend to reinforce the importance of social distancing.

As for channels of communication, consumers prefer brands to communicate virus-related issues via traditional media (45%) or email (42%) to social media (19-31%).

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