Honeysuckle goes hard

November 19, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Hard Soda is our Australian take on US Hard Seltzer trend, says founder of new Victorian alcohol brand.

New Melbourne distillery, Honeysuckle Distillery is ready to launch with two new RTD ranges: Hard Sodas and Spritz

With co-founder, Phil Henderson at the helm, and his years of experience in the drinks industry, the new distillery and its homegrown range of RTDs is in good hands. Ready to tap into the trend for hard seltzer which has taken the US by storm, Honeysuckle’s approach has been tailored directly for the Australian market. The team coined the term ‘Hard Soda’ to introduce the soda-based range – a no-nonsense name which will resonate with everyday Australians. 

“The name ‘Hard Soda’ was an easy move for us to ensure our drinks demonstrated its proud Australian heritage,” explained Co-Founder Phil Henderson, “In a busy market, we wanted to connect with our local credentials and create a new wave of Aussie Hard Soda fans.” 

Having grown exponentially in the US, the seltzer trend has now reached Australian shores and is set to solidify its presence this summer. In the US, the hard seltzer volume is larger than the leading spirits category (vodka) and is set to more than triple by 2023.[1]

The Hard Soda and Spritz Ranges

Honeysuckle Distillery is launching with two distinct drinks ranges: Hard Soda and Spritz. Both are soda-based and the Hard Soda range is pared-back, with limited ingredients and a strong focus on refreshment above all else.

The Hard Sodas are available in either Natural Lime (ABV4.4% – 383 kJ, 91 Cal per 330ml can) featuring alcoholic soda water and natural lime flavouring, or Natural Berry (ABV4.4% – 383 kJ, 91 Cal per 330ml can), with a raspberry-zing; 

Honeysuckle Hard Soda

The Spritz range offers more complex flavour pairings and is designed with cocktail hour in mind. Taking on the tired alcopop market, this is a new, sophisticated and mindful twist on a ready-to-drink cocktail. The range uses an alcoholic soda base, and builds on this with different flavour pairings, named after different birds of paradise;  

Paradise Gin Spritz: Gin Blood Orange and Cinnamon Spritz 4.8%- 620 kJ (149 Cal) a can (330ml)

Splendid Gin Citrus: Gin Yuzu (Citrus) Spritz 4.8% – 634 kJ (152 Cal) a can (330ml)

Tropical Vodka Crush:Vodka Mango & Coconut Spritz 4.8% – 587 kJ (142 Cal) a can (330ml)

All of the ingredients across the Hard Soda and Spritz ranges are natural, gluten free and preservative-free. Each drink has been designed to offer lower sugar content, refreshment and flavour at different times of day and night.   

The range will soon be available via selected retailers across Victoria and New South Wales but for now, they are available via Honeysuckle Distillery.

For wholesale orders, retailers are encouraged to contact the Honeysuckle team directly via email.  

[1] https://www.theiwsr.com/press-release-hard-seltzer-to-triple-by-2023/


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