Healthy RTD range an irresistible summer choice

August 26, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Manly Spirits Co. Distillery are expanding their collection of award-winning ‘guilt-free’ pre-mixed drinks with four new expressions: a new ‘Berry Blush’ Gin & Tonic, and three vodka sodas; ‘Rainforest Lime’ Vodka Soda, ‘Watermelon & Lychee’ Vodka Soda and ‘Pear & Elderflower’ Vodka Soda. 

Hitting the mark for the health-conscious with no sugar and low calories, while maintaining that ‘real’ craft, full-flavour their fans know and love. ‘Berry Blush’ Gin & Tonic joins their existing gin premix range, and the Vodka Sodas will be their first vodka-based premixed option.

Being able to stand out from the crowd has always been a trademark of Manly Spirits, and with their recent award for World’s Best Premix Design at the World Premix Award 2021, the visual design of the liquid and packaging leaves quite the impression amongst the growing RTD market. 

The new expressions take full advantage of their transparent glass bottles, with naturally coloured and flavoured liquid that shines through to create that well-known and loved visual appeal.

“By using transparent glass over cans, we were able to visually express those premium flavour combinations we’ve worked so hard to create,”  says co-founder of Manly Spirits, Vanessa Wilton, “We know aesthetics are just as important as flavour when it comes to the whole experience of enjoying a drink.”

Their bespoke glass bottles were designed with the sustainably conscious in mind, with all pieces of the packaging able to be reused or recycled.

“Designing our bespoke glass bottle and choosing to source ‘local’, using recyclable Australian packaging that aligns with our values was absolutely important to us, and while it’s not that easy, it has definitely paid off,” Ms Wilton says, “We need to think a bit more beyond the drink and design for its entire lifecycle, including life after use.” 

With the success of their first two premixed expressions, the Classic Gin & Tonic and the Lilly Pilly Pink Gin & Tonic, the range extensions will be well-received amongst the established fans and catch the eye of consumers entering the RTD trend.

The Vodka Sodas and Gin & Tonic expressions were developed based on some of the most on-trend cocktail flavour combinations, while celebrating Australia’s distinct native & coastal botanicals in true Manly Spirits style.

“We looked at the flavours people were loving in our cocktails served at the distillery cocktail bar and transferred this knowledge into an easy to enjoy vodka soda. Our spirits have always been bold, well-balanced and full-flavoured, and we’ve done just that with our new expressions,” says David Whittaker, co-founder & distiller of Manly Spirits. 

“It’s just a bonus that they all have no sugar and low calories.  We know it’s really important to the health-conscious consumer, but what’s also important is getting that flavour balance right, and we’re really happy with the result.  It always pays off to go that extra mile to get it right!”

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