Health fears over Fernbrew tequila auction

April 9, 2019
By Alana House

Mexican authorities fear that former Fernbrew tequila being auctioned this week could be potentially dangerous.

Reeba Reeba Tequila is among more than $4million worth of D’Aquino Brothers alcohol that is going under the hammer following Fernbrew Pty Ltd being place in administration.

The wholesale alcohol auction is being hosted by Pickles, which promises the stock “will be sold for a fraction of retail price”.

The haul includes a large quantity and variety of craft beer, spirits, pre-mixed beverages, mixers and champagne in addition to the Fernbrew tequila.

Pickles is seeking expression of interest from Monday, April 1 to Friday, 12 April.

An investigation by ABC News last year had Reeba Reeba Tequila tested at an official tequila laboratory in Mexico, where it was confirmed it was “not linked” to the industry.

Mexico’s Trade Commissioner to Australia, Esau Garza, told ABC News: “Fake tequila poses potential chemical contamination that may cause injury if consumed.

“If 3000 bottles of fake Tequila become available in the market, that means Australian consumers are at risk of purchasing a product that may affect their health.”

Last year, Mexico’s Ambassador to Australia, Eduardo Pena Haller, told ABC News: “We feel betrayed, because tequila was created in the state of Jalisco, and when somebody is producing tequila in another country then, well, they are cheating people.

“If you are buying tequila that does not follow that procedure, well then you’re just buying chemical substance.”

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