Hard Fizz NFT vote for new flavour

March 4, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Queensland hard seltzer brand, Hard Fizz have commenced production on Salty Pirate Fizz Punch, voted overwhelmingly as the preferred flavour by members of an NFT (non fungible token) project.

Seventy-four per cent of votes came in for the flavour which CEO Wade Tiller says was always his preference.

“Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch was always my pick so I’m more than a bit glad the Salty Pirate Crew voted it up,” Mr Tiller said.

“On a serious note, it was so exciting to break new ground in the alcohol industry by partnering with an NFT project to determine our next flavour and I fully expect this to become a norm going forward. It brings value to the project, of course, but importantly for us, it lets us tap into and engage a market we genuinely think would like Fizz.”

The other two flavours in the vote were Fire Chili Margarita and Pirates Go Ape on Fizz (Banana Colada), polling 14 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

Salty Pirate Fizz Punch will contain a tropical concoction of passionfruit, pineapple, orange and peach with brewers right now experimenting with rum flavouring.

“The collaboration with the Salty Pirate Crew was, and continues to be, a bit of fun but it’s not just that. NFTs are a new frontier for a lot of businesses and industries, and we wanted to be leading the charge into that landscape,” said Mr Tiller.

Hard Fizz is a Gold Coast based hard seltzer brand fronted by Grammy nominated DJ, Paul Fisher, and his wife, Chloe Chapman, fellow DJs Tigerlily and Brooke Evers, as well as professional surfer, Lauren Enever and TV chef, Hayden Quinn.

The company recently released the world’s first hard seltzer containing natural caffeine called Fizz X.

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