Happy Hours Mixing Cocktails

September 2, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

With so many happy hours spent at home this year, our creativity has come alive, as has our love of home-made, good looking and great tasting cocktails and mocktails.

This year we have watched cocktail making classes led by expert bartenders become the showstopper of the week and virtual cocktail hours with workmates and friends have become welcome weekly rituals.

With things not quite back to normal and social distancing still very much a part of our lives, the bench at home looks set to remain the place for cocktail dreaming.

To that end, Box Mixers has released its new range of zero alcohol cocktail mixers made from all natural and very tasty flavours: the Classic Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini or Mojito.

Add one-part spirit to three-parts Box Mixer of your choice, shake over ice and enjoy. Or, simply enjoy a Box Mixer mocktail poured over ice.

 Chilli Marketing Co-Founder, Kieron Barton, who created the Box Mixers said: “We know that consumers are seeking out healthier, convenient and high quality food and drink solutions, and we saw a huge gap in the market for a mixer brand that has all natural flavours, is low in sugar and tastes great whether you’re drinking alcohol or not.  Box Mixers are championing the idea that great cocktails can be part of any social occasion, without the need for you to be a mixologist or leave the house! 

Box Mixers are low in sugar, less than 55 calories per serve, gluten free, Australian made and owned and available in resealable and recyclable bottles. They are available from Woolworths online and in stores nationally with an RRP of $7.50.

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