Gin saves the day: RedHeads Wines repurpose smoke tainted wine

January 8, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Following the Adelaide Hills bushfires of 2020, the team at RedHeads Wines took in fruit from One Tree Hill right next to the Hills, only to find that the wine it produced showed mild signs of smoke taint.

As such, it could not be used for Redheads’ Vin’Atus label.

“Throwing the wine away was the last thing we wanted to do,” said Alex Trescowthick, Winery Operations Manager and Head Winemaker.

“The wine wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t quite fit for our Vin’Atus label as we could detect some level of smoke taint so we thought, why not try distilling it!?”

So, the wine was sent straight to the local distiller.

The result is Redheads Reborn Gin – a gin with distinctly jumpier with orange peel citrus notes and a hint of cassia and vanilla from the barrel maturation. A smooth and rounded mouthfeel with botanicals at the forefront followed by a woody presence.

RedHeads Reborn Gin is available through the Studio Bar located at 258 Angaston Road Angaston or through the website. RedHeads Reborn Gin retails for $70.

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