‘Free Can Jan’ campaign helps a drinks start-up get a leg up.

January 10, 2022
By Melissa Parker

As many Aussies partake in Dry January, opting to moderate or cut out their alcohol intake, new non-alcoholic drink brand Yes You Can (YYC) offers consumers the chance to get their hands on a free sample.

The team at Yes You Can started their drinks business during a pandemic, and with its challenges thought what better way to get their product out there than to offer it up for nothing. Enter Free Can Jan. This month, YYC is offering all Australians the chance to try a can of Yes You Can simply by visiting their website and choosing a flavour.

Let’s face it we have all experienced a bigger than usual year of boozing with lockdowns and pandemic stresses. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation released the results of a poll last year that reported one in five Australians regretted how much they drank in lockdown. This year offers us all the opportunity to put the breaks on and press reset.

Yes You Can drinks have been developed alongside expert mixologists to emulate that ‘first drink’ feeling. Flavours include a zesty orange and rhubarb herbal scents Spritz, refreshing ginger cut through with a dash of lime Dark & Stormy and a classic G&T, with a jolt of juniper and the expected bitter hit.

The launch timing is crucial as many consumers will feel the latent effects of over-indulging over the festive season and New Year celebrations. Many will be committing to Dry January or Feb Fast and actively seeking out non-alcohol options. The team at YYC say if a free can is not enough, they urge consumers to have a long think about their health, waistline and back pocket when considering drink choices in the new year.

Tyler Martin, Co-Founder, Yes You Can Drinks, says, “We’re all well aware of the health benefits of cutting back when it comes to drinking but saying ‘no’ can be easier said than done. This year, Yes You Can is empowering all Aussies to put their health first by offering delicious, refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for FREE! Simply jump onto the website to pick your drink of choice, and we’ll send it straight to your door.”

Tyler adds, “Don’t forget to tell your friends, your family, your colleagues or anyone you think could use a slightly drier or fresher start to 2022. Since launching only a few months ago, we have seen amazing numbers of returning customers, so we hope that in giving Aussies a free taste of our drinks, that we can add to the ever-increasing thousands of Yes You Can Fans!”

Get your free sample at https://yesyoucandrinks.com

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