Feral’s Biggie Juice tinnies launch on East Coast

March 31, 2019
By Alana House

Feral Brewing Company’s hugely popular Biggie Juice IPA cans will be available today on the East Coast of Australia for the first time.

The West Australian brewer has been overwhelmed by demand for Biggie Juice after debuting it in cans for the first time earlier this month and has virtually sold out in its home state.

Limited stock is still available at its Swan Valley brewpub after 1400 cases sold like hotcakes at Perth bottle shops.

Demand has been so strong that, by Easter, Feral will have another 2800 on shelves cases for WA beer lovers, with Dan Murphy’s also adding it to their shelves. Another 1400 cases have arrived on the East Coast.

Feral’s product development brewer Will Irving told The West Australian that keep up with demand, “is a good problem to have”.

He added that he wasn’t surprised as “It outsells everything else by 20-fold” at the brewery.

The 6% ABV beer started off as a one-off collaboration with Melbourne craft beer pub the Royston Hotel in May 2017.

Feral has been building up to commercially packaging the NEIPA since November last year, when it moved production of the beer to its main brewery in Bassendean.

He’s excited about the potential Feral Brewing has to grow Amatil’s beer portfolio, but notes the company has taken a slow and steady approach to integrating the business.

Feral Brewing was purchased by Coca-Cola Amatil in 2017, with Shane Richardson, Managing Director of Alcohol & Coffee, noting to Drinks Trade last year: “We’ve actually spent a lot of time learning about the business and what was the DNA of the business that made it so successful.

“What we didn’t think was that we were the smartest cookies around so we’re going to take it and change it. So we’ve allowed Feral to really just keep being the great business it’s always been. But now we’re really starting to tap into some of the opportunities that the broader Amatil system can provide from a sales force and reach.”

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