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Moët Hennessy Launches Volcan X.A

Guests of Moët Hennessy were invited a lavish party last week to be amongst the first in Australia to try Volcan X.A,vanguard distillery Volcan de mi Tierra’s top of the range Tequila. Hosted at a private luxury home in Lavender Bay, guests arrived as the sun set across Sydney Harbour.

In theme with the brand’s birthplace of Jalisco and its terroir, the private home was transformed into a volcanic musing of light and liquid. Guests entered through a discrete keyhole shaped door to a live drummer bathed in volcanic red light truly bringing to life the heartbeat of the earth.

DJ Adam Dive’s curated mix welcomed the guests and set the tone for the evening to come. Heartbreak High actor Brodie Townsend, musicians Kwame and B-Wise, influencers Tara WhitemanJosh Carroll, Nick TrueloveJono Castanoand footballer Aaron Evans, filled the room which was taken over by Volcan iconography, with the focal piece of the room being the Volcan branded DJ booth and the mirrored bar, fully stocked with chilled, luminous Volcan X.A.

Musical headliner, DJ Willo, was the highlight of the evening, her up-tempo set got the party in full swing. Wearing iconic Australian label, Dion Lee, Willo who is now represented by the renowned label Future Classic, took the event to the next level as she brought all guests to the dance floor with her most recent release Rush (Blush). This new dance anthem heralded the theatre to come, with dancers bringing the brand’s party energy to life. The spectacle incorporated luminous parade tools and illuminated Volcan X.A bottles as the dancers wove through the space toward the mirrored bar where fire sparks flew and the next Volcan X.A serve was provided, cinnamon caramelised pineapple pieces alongside chilled Volcan X.A in a premium shot glass.

Attendees continued to enjoy Volcan X.A’s innovative blend of Reposado, Anejo and Extra-Anejo Tequilas, made from 100% Blue Agave with absolutely zero additives, either neat or on the rocks along with Volcan Blanco cocktails. The flavours of the Tequila were expertly mirrored in the canapés as guests got to enjoy 8 hour slow cooked Bangalow pork carnitas with cilantro, black beans and hot lime dressing. Along with spiced grilled eggplant quesadilla, cherry tomatoes, smoked chill and avocado mousse.

As the evening wound down, guests descended from the penthouse as DJ Adam Dive played out the party until the end of a spectacular night.    

Volcan X.A will be available in a selection of the best venues Nationwide and exclusively from Kent Street Cellars from 1st September, 2023.  


Created in 2017 in the volcanic region of Jalisco, Volcan de Mi Tierra was born from a strong entrepreneurial partnership, combining the Gallardo family’s passion for its homeland and deep roots in Mexico, together with Moët Hennessy’s commitment to craftsmanship and luxury branding. Volcan is among one of an incredibly small number of Tequilas with its own distillery, which sits at the foot of the volcano “Tequila” and is home to a distinctive savoir-faire that marries tradition with innovation. The distillery follows the rhythm and flow of the seasons, harvesting the highest-quality agave, grown in volcanic soils and sourced from two terroirs, the “Highlands” and the “Lowlands”. This approach captures the essence and energy of the volcano’s raw natural power and allows different Tequila profiles to come together in perfect harmony.