‘Ellers Farm could literally make me millions, so please buy it’

November 30, 2023
By Melissa Parker

British comedian Ricky Gervais, co-creator of The Office, has become a co-owner of Ellers Farm Distillery in North Yorkshire. The B Corp-certified distillery, known for its eco-friendly practices, received a substantial, undisclosed investment from Gervais.

Gervais plans to leverage his global platform to promote Ellers Farm’s products, starting with Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, gins, liqueurs, and single malt whisky. Despite acknowledging the potential drawbacks of alcohol, he humorously emphasizes that his investment “could literally make me hundreds of millions—so please buy it.”

In a quirky marketing approach, Gervais expresses excitement about making Dutch Barn a global brand in his own way, a move he suggests might be regretted by the company. Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, made from apples with ethical credentials, has already secured a deal with Tesco for distribution in 48 stores across Yorkshire.

Gervais, who had been seeking eco-friendly investments, was drawn to Dutch Barn for its unique approach. The distillery, founded in 2021, gained B Corp certification in September and operates with carbon neutrality. It supports reforestation projects globally and recently entered a partnership with Tesco for wider distribution.

Chris Fraser, Ellers Farm Distillery’s founder, welcomes Gervais as an authentic partner, highlighting his involvement in both investment and creative leadership. Gervais expresses genuine enthusiasm for the product, emphasizing its quality and his eagerness to share it with the world.

Ellers Farm’s commitment to ethical practices includes fair pay ratios, a profit share scheme allocating 20% of revenue to employees, and carbon neutrality since its launch. AIG Holdings, a global talent brand incubator, has also invested in Ellers Farm as part of the agreement.

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