DrinkWise & Endeavour Group partner to roll out low alc pilot program

October 12, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

DrinkWise and Endeavour Group have partnered in a pilot program to support the increasing trend by Australians towards more moderate drinking behaviours.

Dedicated zero, low and mid-strength sections asking ‘How low can you go?’ will be positioned front and centre in selected Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.

Endeavour cites research from DrinkWise showing that zero, low and mid-strength alcohol options are making a difference, with a third of Australians (32 per cent) who have reduced their alcohol consumption using low and non-alcoholic options to cut back. It’s a positive trend, with half of risky drinkers willing to use lower and nonalcoholic options to help them moderate*.

“We are seeing an acceleration in the recent trend of customers seeking more ways to moderate their drinking, and this has corresponded with a steady rise in the number of people purchasing lower and zero alcohol options. We couldn’t be prouder to help raise awareness of these low-alcohol alternatives in partnership with DrinkWise, and to assist our customers to make responsible choices,” said Steve Donohue, CEO & Managing Director, Endeavour Group.

DrinkWise CEO, Simon Strahan says research shows younger people are considerably more likely to want to reduce their alcohol consumption.

“Almost 6-out-of-10 alcohol drinkers aged 18-to-24 years old are looking to cut down their alcohol consumption. This new DrinkWise research highlights the positive impact that zero, low and mid strength products can have in helping to reduce alcohol consumption, which is why we’re working with Dan Murphy’s and BWS liquor stores to raise awareness of, and improve access to, lower strength and zero alcohol products,” Strahan said.  

Younger people (18-44 years) are twice as likely to consume lower and zero alcohol options than people aged 45+ years.

The DrinkWise research – which surveyed 3,000 Australians – also revealed there is still a perceived stigma around drinking less, with 35 per cent of those aged 18-44 years admitting they would hide the fact they’re not drinking alcohol or drinking lower strength products from the people they’re with.

The Australian first pilot program, with a purpose-designed BWS store, will begin in Queensland, before being rolled out in other states. The trial will help identify the best ways to raise awareness of lower strength and zero alcohol options with consumers. 

The DrinkWise study indicates that Queenslanders are significantly more likely to be drinking alcohol at risky levels than the nation’s average (34 per cent vs 28 per cent) and surveyed drinkers in the state agreed that providing access to lower strength and zero alcohol products allows consumers to take greater control of their drinking choices (58 per cent).

  • Source: August 2021, DrinkWise Zero, Low & Mid Alcohol Products Report
  • The study shows that while drinking alcohol during COVID has remained the same or decreased for the majority of Australians, 31 per cent of risky drinkers have increased their alcohol consumption since the start of the pandemic, and this is more likely to be younger people aged 18-44 years. 
  • Risky drinkers are classified as people who consume 10 or more standard drinks a week or more than four standard drinks during a single day.

The latest non-alc products to hit the shelves

The trend towards moderation means that the non-alc market is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Kaddy’s Patrick Feary says that we are now seeing an intersection between high quality craft cocktails and the non-alcohol juggernauty.

“In previous years, these might have been dismissed as a spin on soft drinks, but we’re seeing the convergence of the premiumisation and alcohol-free trends result in the rapidly growing ‘Adult Non-alc’ space – non-alcoholic beverages that emulate the ritual and flavour of craft cocktails, but with the same sort of health-conscious narrative we see that has helped seltzer become so successful.

“Lyre’s is naturally one of the most recognisable craft players in this space with their recent RTD range but we’re already seeing strong traction from new brands like Sydney based Yes You Can Drinks, which we’re marking as one to watch. They’re producing a great quality product that can be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic alternative or even as a mixer.”

Yes You Can

Australian-owned and manufactured, crafted from vegan friendly and gluten free materials, and low in calories, Sydney’s Yes You Can have released three flavoured RTDs: Spritz, Dark & Stormy and G&T.

Tyler Martin, Co-Founder, Yes You Can Drinks says: “Yes You Can is not the enemy of alcohol and we aren’t here to preach… We created Yes You Can to give you a choice. A choice to enjoy those nights out with your mates, without (or even with just a little less) booze. A choice to reward yourself with your favourite drinks, without the inevitable slow start the next day”. 

Available on-site from Ben Buckler Cellars, Bondi Beach Cellars, Beach Road Hotel, Clovelly Hotel, Fish Shop and Fishbowl Bondi, The Depot Bondi, online at Brunswick Aces, Notwasted and Craftzero, and via YesYouCanDrinks.com. Select new venues weekly!  RRP: $52 for a pack of 12. 

Naked Life

Naked Life has released a new RTD range of new RTD range of non-alcoholic canned cocktails and amber spirit inspired mixed drinks to be rolled out across Woolworths and Coles this October.

Each Naked Life product contains zero sugar and is alcohol free in the hopes of enjoying the sweeter things in life with zero guilt.

“We want Australians to enjoy a drink which has the unmistakable taste of a cocktail without the alcohol, sugar or high calories” says founder and CEO David Andrew. “We worked with a select team to craft each batch with a carefully distilled blend of botanicals and ingredients”.

 There are 11 flavours including Margarita, Yuzu Sake and Wimbledon Spritz (both winners at the Melbourne International Spirits Festival) as well as the unique to category amber range of Canadian Rye Dry & Lime.

Fourth Wave Wine’s Plus and Minus Prosecco

The Prosecco is the latest addition to the popular Plus and Minus zero-alcohol range which are vibrant, full-flavoured wine varieties – minus the alcohol.  

“Prosecco continues to trend in Australia, as does the demand for great tasting zero alcohol wines and so crafting a zero-alcohol Prosecco was seemingly the perfect combination,” said Ross Marshall, General Manager, Fourth Wave Wine.

Plus and Minus wines are hand-crafted using the highest quality grapes from premium, dry-grown South Australian vineyards. This ensures the wine retains its vibrancy and full-flavour once the alcohol has been removed. The added ‘’Plus’’ in Plus and Minus refers to the addition of grape-skin extract giving the additional benefit of all of the naturally occurring antioxidants normally found in wine.  

The Plus and Minus zero-alcohol range is available from major liquor retailers nationally RRP: $15.00 each.

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