Diageo announces Top 100 Australian Bartenders 2019

May 14, 2019
By Alana House

Diageo World Class has announced its Top 100 Australian Bartenders for 2019.

Now in its 11th year, the World Class Bartender of the Year competition challenges bartenders across the nation to submit their cocktail creations using spirits from Diageo’s reserve portfolio; Ketel One Vodka, Tanqueray No. 10 Gin and Talisker 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky.

Entrants are encouraged to exhibit creativity, innovation and expertise as they battle it out to become the nation’s best bartender and represent Australia in the global finals held in Glasgow later this year.

Last year, Orlando Marzo from Melbourne’s acclaimed Lûmé restaurant was crowned Diageo World Class Global Bartender of the Year 2018.

He beat more than 10,000 bartenders from every corner of the globe in a competition that spanned five continents, six months, hundreds of challenges and countless cocktails.

“World Class encourages us bartenders from across the nation and globally to come together and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in our craft, defying what is possible,” Marzo said.

“It has become such an important competition for me personally, and the industry, as it provides the ultimate opportunity to learn from and inspire each other.”

Krystal Hart, Australia’s WORLD CLASS Ambassador, added: “Each year we are blown away and inspired by the entries for the competition, and this year has been no exception. We’re looking forward to entering the second phase of the contest, where we’ll be selecting the top 20 participants and continuing to explore the remarkable ways Australia’s bartenders have identified to use Diageo’s reserve brands to create cocktails that are truly special.”

The next phase of the competition will challenge each of the Top 100’s ability to host and perform under pressure, while executing the winning cocktail that secured them their spot on the shortlist.

The Top 20 will then be announced on May 31, 2019, before the finals are held on July 7-9, 2019 to determine the World Class top Australian bartender for 2019.

Diageo World Class Top 100 Australian Bartenders for 2019 …


Alex Gondzioulis, Bulletin Place
Alex ‘Happy’ Gilmour, Tio’s Cerveceria
Alissa Gabriel, Mjølner
Anna Nguyen, Door Knock
Antonello Arzedi, Scöut
Conor O’Brien, Burrow Bar
Daniel Hilton, The Lobo Plantation
David Nutting, Babylon Rooftop and Garden Bar
Eduardo Conde, This Must be the Place
Elouise Bliss, Eau de Vie
Evan Stroeve, Bulletin Place
Francesco De Matteo, Charlie Parker’s
Giacomo Franceschi, Charlie Parker’s
Ho Song, PS40
Jet Hauge, Isabel
Jonothan Carr, Bistecca
Joshua Reynolds, Scöut
Kate McGraw, Isabel
Lachlan Gunner, Grandmas bar
Michael Chiem, PS40
Pasan Wijesena, Earls Juke Joint
Raphael Redant, Stitch bar
Shane Crosland, The Bolt Hole
Stephane Creveuil, Door Knock
Tim Laferla, Scöut
Wai Christine Lam, Employees Only

Northern Territory

Anneliese Grazioli, Hot Tamale
David Robinson, Snapper Rocks
Joey Folkersma, Chow


Adam Meredith, The Boom Boom Room
Callum Sykes, Co Ca Chu
Campbell Jones, Finney Isles
Charlie Hunter, Cobbler
David Weston Smith, Mariners Seafood Restaurant
Edward Quatermass, Maker
Ellery Low, Maker
Elliot Pascoe, Death & Taxes
Jack Stacey, The Gresham
Jacob Cohen, Savile Row (pictured main)
Joe Steadman, The Cloakroom Bar
Joseph Chisholm, The Boom Boom Room
Kayla Reid, Savile Row
Mark Pinel, Donna Chang
Matthew O’Malley, The Cloakroom Bar
Nicholas Harris, Jimmy Rum’s Mixing Lounge
Nikki Hashimoto, The Boom Boom Room
Oliver Chia, Finney Isles
Oliver Pearson, The Boom Boom Room
Samuel Tripet, Death & Taxes
Samuel Russ, Cobbler
Savannah Williams-Piper, The Boom Boom Room
Storm Evans, Cobbler
Timo van Hest, Finney Isles
Tristan Green, Alba
William Turner, Airlie Beach Rum Bar
Zachary Underwood-Mynott, Canvas

South Australia

Adam Hingston, Maybe Mae
Kayla Grigoriou, Bar Torino
Mike Han, 2KW Bar and Restaurant
Nicholas Favaro, Bar Torino
Nicola Dean, Maybe Mae
Oliver Brown, Anchovy Bandit
Vanessa Rech, 2KW Bar and Restaurant


Rohan Massie, Rude Boy


Alex Holmes, Boilermaker House
Alex Boon, Mjølner
Alex Brown, Union Electric Bar
Alex Woodmass, Eau De Vie
Cameron Welniak, Longrain
Darren Leaney, Capitano
Filippo Sanchi, Above Board
Jennifer Lo, Lui bar
Jimmy Sauerbier, Boilermaker House
Kane Nelson, Longrain
Kane Clayfield, Jane Doe
Kenny D’Souza, Boilermaker House
Lachlan Bentley, The Everleigh
Laurence Eaton, Eau De Vie
Lewis Baldwin, Lume
Michael Braun, Mjølner
Minguk Yu, Mjølner
Nick Tesar, Bar Liberty
Pez Collier, Fancy Free
Renato Tonelli, Galah Boozery
Sarah Jones, Boilermaker House
Stefano Canova, Eau De Vie
Tracy Gardner, Jane Doe
Will Sleeman, Fancy Free
Zachary Morgan, The Black Pearl

Western Australia

Brocc Rogers, Bar Lafayette
Dean Buchanan, Long Chim
Elise Godwin, Strange Company
James Pennefather, Tinys
Joshua Cullinane, Long Chim
Kaden Pool, Long Chim
Mark White, Mechanics’ Institute
Matt Bodycote, The Peach Pit
Max Giudice, Tinys
Murray Walsh, Mechanics Institute
Tim Colston, Bar Lafayette

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