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Dan Murphy’s launches number plate recognition

September 10, 2020
By Alana House

A direct-to-boot drive thru with number plate recognition has launched at Dan Murphy’s Manly Vale this week.

The Sydney outlet will be the first retailer in Australia to apply this technology, with customers entering their registration number at point of order, and when they arrive at the drive thru, digital cameras alert the team members, who then place the order in the customer’s car boot. 

Endeavour Group said the service will allow customers to be in and out in less than three minutes.

“We are using technology to offer increasing convenience to customers, and the COVID crisis has accelerated the demand for innovative ecommerce solutions,” explained General Manager of Digital Claire Smith (pictured main).

The direct to boot drive thru with number plate recognition will be rolled out to more stores across the country in the next 12 months..

Dan Murphy's Manly Vale
Dan Murphys Express Drive Thru at Manly Vale. 27th August 2020. Photograph Dallas Kilponen.

Customers opting to use contactless pick-up saw an increase of 61% during FY20 according to stats from Endeavour Group.

More than 170 Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores have rolled out contactless direct-to-boot service since April – initially as a response to Covid-19. Direct-to-boot means customers place their order online, send an SMS when they arrive at the store, and a team member then puts their order in the car boot.

“Direct-to-boot service started as an idea to help customers and team members socially distance, but customers have responded to the convenience of it, so we are not only keeping the service indefinitely, but expanding the offering and making it even more convenient – like in the Manly Vale Dan Murphy’s store case,” she explained.

Endeavour Group’s digital arm Endeavour X – which is led by Smith – was launched in August 2019 to lead the digital transformation of customer and team experiences across the business, and it’s been a busy first year.

“In the last six months, we have had to accelerate ecommerce capabilities for our retail brands including BWS and Dan Murphy’s. COVID-19 has changed the ways our customers discover and shop not just in 2020, but for the foreseeable future, and as retailers, we have had to adapt and innovate to meet their needs,”  Smith said.

“We changed the way we deliver due to COVID-19, and developed contactless delivery for our team and customers, with many customers opting for contactless delivery in order to maintain social distance,” she explained.

How number-plate recognition will work

1. Order online

Customer orders online on danmurphys.com.au, and enters their licence plate number during check-out. An SMS and email sent to the customer, with instructions and ability to add/change plate number post-purchase.

2. Arrive at drive thru

As the customer arrives at the drive thru, cameras scan the number plate, match it with a pick-up order and alerts the team of the customer’s arrival.

3. Park

While the team identifies the order in the pick-up room, instructions and progress updates are communicated to customers in cars via digital screens mounted on the driver’s side.

4. Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) check & order received

Customer stays in the car, while the team member does an RSA check and places the order in the car boot. Digital screens recap the order for customers to check while their order is loaded.

Dan Murphy's contactless

Dan Murphy’s rolls out direct-to-boot service nationally

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