Dan Aykroyd Introduces New Crystal Head Aurora to Australia

August 11, 2015
By Alana House
Ultra-premium Crystal Head Vodka has launched a new expression into a number of first-to-market countries, including Australia. The only release for the brand since its inception in 2008, Crystal Head Aurora moves away from the standard line extension usually seen within category and will sit as a completely different liquid, rather than a flavoured or otherwise modified version of the original product.

Accompanying the launch, Crystal Head’s founder — actor, musician, and entrepreneur, Dan Aykroyd, is currently in Australia visiting the local on and off-premise retailers who have supported the brand.

Although still crafted from the same source in Newfoundland, Canada, the mash used in Crystal Head Aurora is produced from English-grown Sunset Wheat instead of original recipe’s 100% corn composition. The liquid is also distilled a total of five times as opposed to its quadruple-distilled predecessor.

“It’s what was needed to create the new profile we wanted,” explained Aykroyd during a master class he recently hosted alongside industry personality Mike Bennie, “the difference in grain and the five-time distillation brought out a drier, spicier vodka but kept the true taste of the spirit like the original.”

Aykroyd further explained that the goal with both products was to never hide the presence or strength of the alcohol, instead to keep the liquid a completely natural, pure base.

“Consumers of [ultra-premium] vodka are discerning; they eat clean, why wouldn’t they want to drink clean? Keeping our vodka pure means that there is nothing added. We want bartenders to be free to experiment with what they choose to mix our product with, rather than leaving them chemicals, like limonene, that some other vodkas use in production— it’s a better canvas.”

Crystal Head Vodka is now sold in over 42 countries around the world and has continued to grow by 20 percent annually since launching in Australia.

“I’m thrilled to be back in Australia to showcase the amazing new Aurora bottle. Australians have been great supporters of Crystal Head Vodka and I think this new expression of the vodka will blow the ‘Aussies’ away,” continues Aykroyd.

On the nose, Aurora holds delicate floral aromas and a hint of anise. The vodka is dry and clean, with a warming sensation to finish and a touch of sweetness.

The SKU is bottled in the same handcrafted glass container that is synonymous with the Crystal Head brand, but features a new decorative finish designed to reflect the aurora borealis natural light display.

Aurora is available nationwide through select retailers and Dan Murphy’s as an extremely limited, special edition release with an RRP of $105 per 700mL bottle.

Crystal Head is distributed in Australia by Combined Wines.
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