Pure Blonde organic beer

CUB releases its first certified organic beer & cider range

October 2, 2019
By Alana House

CUB has released the first ACO-certified organic beer and cider range in the brewery’s history, Pure Blonde Organic.

And to promote the launch, Pure Blonde Organic Lager is publishing its organic beer recipe along with the full brewing process on billboards across the country and in a digital campaign.

“We’ve created Pure Blonde Organic because beer lovers are increasingly conscious of the ingredients that go into their favourite drinks,” said CUB Marketing VP Brian Phan.

“And to ensure people know exactly what’s in Pure Blonde Organic Lager, we are publishing the entire recipe and brewing process. Now anyone in the world from competitors to home brewers can make their own Pure Blonde Organic Lager. It’s a disruptive marketing campaign for a disruptive new product.”

When Pure Blonde launched in 2004, it tapped into an emerging trend of people making more conscious choices around consumption, by offering a brew with far fewer calories than regular beer.

“That trend has only grown,” said Phan. “Going ACO certified organic was the next logical step for Pure Blonde.”

Pure Blonde Organic is certified by Australia’s leading organic body, Australian Certified Organic (ACO). And working to the strict guidelines of the ACO, Pure Blonde has created organic beer and cider options that are readily available in major retailers.

“Pure Blonde Organic will be among the most affordable and accessible ACO certified organic beer and cider in Australia,” said Phan.

Organic beer a winner for AB-InBev in the US

AB-InBev has found its Pure Gold, a lower calorie, organic beer under its Michelob Ultra brand, has been successful in wooing US customers from wine and spirits. 

Since its launch, a few weeks after last year’s Super Bowl, Pure Gold has surpassed $59 million in sales. Azania Andrews, vice president of Michelob Ultra, told CNBC she estimates that 8% of Pure Gold’s volume is coming from consumers who are new to the category.

“You can anticipate that kind of growth to continue,” Andrews said. “We’ve just scratched the surface for Pure Gold.”

The brand targets young professionals who focus on wellness and eat mostly organic food and who might otherwise choose wine or spirits because they believe those options are healthier, she said.

Pure Blonde organic beer

Pure Blonde Organic Lager still has 80% less carbs than regular beer. It’s a crisp tasting lager that has a rich golden colour, notes of apple wood and floral hops that are carried through with a malty palate.

Pure Blonde Organic Cider has 60% less sugar and 50% less carbs than regular cider. It has a pale straw and crystal clear clarity, with a fresh apple aroma and hints of apple core notes.

Pure Blonde Organic Cider replaces the original Pure Blonde Apple Cider. It has the same great taste and calorie content. Pure Blonde Organic Lager is an addition to the Pure Blonde family and sits alongside Pure Blonde Ultra.

For more information on Pure Blonde Organic Lager and Pure Blonde Organic Cider, visit pureblonde.com.au

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