Jetty Road Pineapple Fritter sour beer

Craft brewers celebrate the ‘Summer of Sour Beer’

February 5, 2020
By Alana House

Mornington Peninsula’s Jetty Road has added a Pineapple Fritter beer to its summer line up as Aussie interest in sour beer surges.

Head Brewer Blake Bowden said: “The Pineapple Fritter is an ode of the humble Aussie fish and chip shop, where deep frying anything goes, even pineapple.

“We’ve have taken this Australian icon and transformed it into a fine Jetty Road Sour. This lighter, sour style boasts tropical pineapple flavours with the signature cinnamon zing and lactose sugar for battery goodness. Complimented perfectly with some minimum chips.”

Sour beers are on the rise – particularly with fruity flavours – as the sweetness cuts through the sour.

This year’s GABS Hottest 100 featured six sour beers, reflecting a continued upward trend in popularity among consumers.

Blake Bowden Jetty Road Pineapple Fritter sour beer

Bowden (above) said that while sours have been a little slower to take off in Australia than the US, they are rapidly growing in popularity.

“It’s been called the summer of sour across the independent craft beer scene,” he noted.

Jetty Road also produces a Mango IPA and Blueberry Gose. Bowden said sour beer is recruiting new drinkers to the category.

“We have seen this in our venue especially,” he explained. “Sour beer can appeal to cider drinkers and is more approachable for the female demographic too.

Bowden predicts sours and hazy IPAs will continue to be front runners with consumers in 2020.

“Also barrel age projects such as Wildflower and Black Arts will go from strength to strength,” he added.

According to Bowden, consumer tastes in craft beer are evolving rapidly, with people constantly seeking to try something new.

“People seem less likely to drink by specific style and more and more willing to pick something they have never tried or experienced,” he said.

Jetty Road Pineapple Fritter is available on tap and canned at the brewery – $21.99 for a four-pack; $320 ex keg, $73 ex case, with 5% discount on five-case orders, 10% discount on 10.

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