Craft Alliance Co. has announced its first trade tasting event

March 25, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Wine distributor Craft Alliance Co. will be hosting its first ever Trade Tasting Event in its hometown of Perth on 23 April. The free event will include 15 wineries and more than 80 wines, with the majority heralding from Western Australia.

“It’s the inaugural trade tasting for Craft Alliance,” said Kirsty Potter, Sales Manager at Craft Alliance Co. 

“We are a relatively new distribution company based here in Perth representing small family owned wineries with a really heavy focus on Western Australia but also some from further aboard and east coast.”

The Perth event offers an invaluable opportunity for the WA wine trade to familiarise itself with the newly established Craft Alliance portfolio, which has a focus on emerging producers. 

“They’re all top quality, small family owned producers that sort of haven’t necessarily had a huge representation in the trade previously,” said Potter.

“For us, [the trade tasting is] hopefully an easy and convenient place for the trade to taste through a selection of wines that are all handpicked, multi-award winning.”

Some of the wineries that will be featured at the tasting include:

  • Frazer Woods Wines, Margaret River, WA 
  • Marri Wood Park, Yallingup, WA 
  • Flowstone Wines, Margaret River, WA 
  • Fishbone Wines, Margaret River, WA
  • La Kooki Wines, Margaret River, WA
  • Capel Vale Wines, Geographe & Margaret River, WA 
  • Trait Wines, Margaret River, WA Coughlan Estate, Geographe, WA
  • Valentine Wines, Yarra Valley, VIC 
  • Sweetwater, Hunter Valley, NSW 
  • Zonte’s Footstep, McLaren Vale, SA 
  • The French Wine Centre, France

“[Craft Alliance Co.] represents small, family-owned wineries that haven’t necessarily had this level of representation in the trade previously,” said Potter.

“They’re all world class winemakers. For example, we’ve got La Kooki which is Glenn Goodall from Xanadu and his wife Eloise Jarvis, that’s their personal label. We’ve got Marri Wood Park, the wines are made by Nic Peterkin, they’re some of the best shown in the WA. Then we’ve also got Trait Wines so that’s Theo and his wife Clare.

“We’ve also got an imported selection as well so we’re going to have some French, Italian, Argentinian wines from other connections as well.”

While Craft Alliance Co. still has a strong WA focus in both its portfolio and distribution, it has recently announced plans for both global and national expansion through the creation of Craft Alliance Global and through the rollout of a national team including Melbourne-based Meagan Abraham as Victorian Sales Representative. 

“Predominantly West Australian, but we have just engaged somebody on the East Coast, so yes, we’re [going] national,” said Potter.

“We’ve got stock holdings in warehouse there [in Melbourne], so interested customers would just contact us directly on either or (08) 9755 9361.”

The free Perth trade tasting event will take place at Canton Hall, Perth on 23 April between 2pm and 6pm. Interested attendees will be able to come through whenever they please. Registration can be made via the following link

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