Coopers To Reveal its 2016 Extra Strong Vintage Ale

June 22, 2016
By Alana House
Coopers will reveal its 2016 Extra Strong Vintage Ale at a launch event on June 28th 2016. The product release is a highly anticipated event on the radar for beer aficionados, with Coopers Vintage Ales revealed only once a year. This year’s ale will be the 16th beer in the Vintage series, established in 1998.

Five varieties of hops were used to create this year’s ale, resulting in a unique depth of flavour with delicate aroma notes. Dr Tim Cooper, Managing Director and Chief Brewer at Coopers, attributes the blending of these varieties as key to the distinctiveness of the 2016 Vintage Ale.

“The 2016 Vintage will again deliver the intense aromas and flavours that loyal drinkers have come to expect over time. The master hop breeder at Ellerslie Hop Estates recommended the use of a new variety of hops, Astra, which has been grown in Myrrhee in Victoria,” said Cooper.

“This particular hop offers floral and fruity tones which complement another favourite stablemate, Melba, grown in the same region.

“The third variety is Northern Brewer, a variety originally bred in England in 1932 which imparts herbaceous and spicy notes.

“All three varieties contribute to the bitterness and aroma of the beer. Dry hopping with Styrian Goldings and Cascade provides added complexity with delicate aroma notes and flavours.”

Crystal malt has been used to produce an alluring amber colouring, enticing consumers to down the beer immediately. However, it is also designed to age. Seeded with Coopers own live yeast, the original bitterness of the ale will mellow, and richer caramel-like characters are likely to emerge.

“Many shrewd drinkers purchase a carton to enjoy while the product is young and another which can be carefully cellared and consumed gradually to enjoy the changes this beer experiences over the years,” Said Cam Pearce, Coopers Sales and Marketing Director.

“This is one of the few beers that is designed to age and is unique in the Australian beer market.”

The 2016 Vintage Ale is priced from around $85 per carton, or around $25 per six pack of 355 ml bottles.
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