Coopers Brewery and surfing magazine, Stab is looking for the next great Australian surf flick.

January 10, 2022
By Melissa Parker

In collaboration with iconic surfing magazine, Stab, Coopers Brewery is launching the new ‘Real to Reel’ film competition open to all Australian film-makers, established and budding. The winner receives $5000 in cash and slabs of Coopers Pacific Pale Ale in prizes while being immortalised in Stab Magazine. Be quick; entries close 31 January 2022.

According to, more than 1000 surfing movies have been released since the 1950s. It was a time when surfing and Hollywood created a film genre on the beaches of California that continues today. The surf film genre is compelling in its portrayal of a laidback lifestyle, the sense of freedom, the endless search for the perfect wave, stunning long shots of the wild blue ocean, and the connection with nature that surfing brings.

Given Australia has some of the best breaks in the world, it also has a long and proud history of great surfing features, documentaries and short films. Think Storm Riders, Drift, The Bra Boys and Tim Winton’s Breath, to name a few.

In the early 1950s, when the genre was in its infancy, young surfer artists captured iconic moments on a 16 mm camera. Today all you need is a smartphone and a waterproof case to make moving images of wipeouts and cutbacks.

Coopers Brewery and Stab magazine encourage the creation of the next great Australian surf flick by calling for cinematic talent to come forth and capture the Australian spirit in long hot summers, surf breaks and the culture of riding the waves.

Coopers National Marketing Manager, Kate Dowd said Coopers hopes to build on this awe-inspiring collection of original and captivating short films that tap into the heart of our amazing surf culture.

“We are shining the spotlight on men and women behind the lens who capture the images that inspire generations of surfers,” said Dowd.

“Local legends, favourite breaks and the old boards we can’t let go of – it’s all part of the story of surfing.”

Tom Bird, the co-founder of Stab Magazine, said the organisation was thrilled to be partnering with Coopers for this unique surf film initiative.

“Surf cinema has a captive audience. We are delighted to do our small part in celebrating those documenting surfing with creativity and talent and who don’t get nearly enough credit,” said Bird.

The five finalist entries will screen on 15 February at The Park Hotel in Suffolk Park in NSW.

Entry details

1. Download the RTR entry package from

2. Complete your edit by adding your footage to the template

3. Email your entry to

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