Constellation Brands launches Young & Co

Constellation Brands launches two new wine ranges

December 10, 2019
By Alana House

Constellation Brands has launched two new wine ranges – Young & Co and Neon Jungle – which will include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Rosé, sourced from France, Italy and California.   

Constellation Brands Winemaker David Edmonds said: “Wine drinkers globally, including in Australia, are becoming more adventurous with their palate, seeking out new regions, styles and niche varietals to enjoy.

“Tapping into this thirst for wine exploration, the soaring popularity of Rosé (particularly provence and French styles) and the resurgence of rich and creamy Chardonnay, the vibrant white wines from Young & Co and Neon Jungle are ideal for the warmer months and a superb pairing to food, friends and festive celebrations.”

The Young & Co range features bottles wrapped in ‘pop art-esque’ labels designed to highlight the key flavour of each white wine and includes ‘Butterscotch Bliss’ Chardonnay, ‘Nectar Burst’ Pinot Gris, and ‘Strawberry Hustle’ Rosé.

Young & Co ‘Butterscotch Bliss’ Chardonnay delivers sweet butterscotch, fresh pear and honeydew fruit flavours to suit the new age preferences of Chardonnay enthusiasts, while ‘Nectar Burst’ Pinot Gris has ripe stone fruit flavours and an aroma of floral and spice. ‘Strawberry Hustle’ Rosé is lively, and light, with vibrant strawberry tangs.  

This month also marks the launch of Young & Co ‘Super Fresh’ white wines – a range of fruit-driven wines including a Californian Chardonnay, French Rosé and Italian Pinot Gris.

The Young & Co white wine range is available from October 2019 in BWS stores nationally for $22 (RRP). The Young & Co Super Fresh white wines are also available from October 2019 in BWS stores nationally for $17 (RRP).

Neon Jungle is a range of internationally crafted wines designed to appeal to millennials who prefer lighter, easy drinking varietals. In line with the brand’s disruptive spirit, Neon Jungle boasts a vivid graffiti-inspired bottle design, complete with a glow-in-the dark ink. Featuring a French Rosé and an Italian Pinot Grigio in its white wine range, Neon Jungle is an urban-inspired brand that is sure to turn heads and tantalise tastebuds this summer.

The Neon Jungle French Rosé is a wonderfully tasty and super smooth drop designed to make entertaining effortless while the Italian Pinot Grigio is a crisp, fresh and zesty wine that is perfect to enjoy over a long lunch.

The Neon Jungle range will be available in Liquorland stores for $20.00 (RRP) from October 2019. The new white wines are also joined by two red wines, Neon Jungle Malbec (Argentina) and Neon Jungle Tempranillo (Spain), available in Liquorland from October 2019 for $20.00 (RRP).

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